More Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Used Batteries

After we mentioned Phantom Light’s Vulture which is designed to attach to the BA-5590 battery and use its residual power several of our readers sent in links to their favorite battery scavenging accessories. Based on this input we found two products that do the same thing; combine a 5590-style battery plug with a female half of a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. With that you can attach any number of receptacles in order to power a variety of devices. Visit any big box or automotive store for ideas.

If you have experience with either one of these or any other similar products for that matter, please update us in the comments section.

5 Responses to “More Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Used Batteries”

  1. Paul says:

    I’ve got a four things that might be helpful – How to charge AA batteries from a 5590, power an ANPAS-13 from a 5590, how to build that cigarette adapter the field expedient way, and how to to convert an MBITR battery box to use the 5590. I’ll get you guys to write-ups if you want them.

  2. Eliot says:

    Paul, I would love to read your write-ups!

  3. Sgt A says:

    We’ve had things like these for years – one helpful feature is a peice of self-sticking velcro long enough to go around the battery, and using that to keep the femail 590 connector in place. Makes it much easier to run gear out of a cargo pocket or general purpose MOLLE pouch this way.

  4. Administrator says:

    The issue used to be the plug. It cost an arm and a leg so it’s nice to see that companies have manufactured lower cost alternatives.

    Paul, We’d be happy to publish your articles if you’d like.

  5. Administrator says:

    We have the articles and will be publishing them over the course of the next week. Thanks! If anyone else has any handy Commo stuff they want to share, please let us know.