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First-Light NV and TC3 Kits ADS

First-Light USA makes a great medic light and this video does a great job of explaining its various points. One of our favorite features is the swappable Tomahawk Task Light for medics that can be configured as a Blue light for Fluorescein eye stain tests or UV light fluoresce certain fungal and bacterial infections. The rest of these light’s stats are nothing to sneeze at either.

For example, the Tomahawk TC3 features a proprietary mix of Red and Green LEDs that “highlight” blood. After much experimentation First-Light found the perfect mix of lights to make blood stand out from other colored fluids like petroleum which can mimic blood under blue light.

Additionally, the main white light is a 120 lumen LED that also has 3 brightness settings. It also features six IR LEDs that have 3 brightness settings and operate in a separate mode than any of the visible lights.

For more info visit www.adsinc.com/first-light.

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