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Late last year, Level Peaks Associates was gracious enough to let us check out a couple of products from c2rfast.

We shot this quick look video of the TacPad Chest in order to give you an idea of how the technology works. We’ve seen other products in the past that rely on chemlights or even powered light but they don’t illuminate the entire surface like this. Powered by a CR123 battery, it provides a back lit writing surface for tactical applications. c2rfast has taken great care to develop multiple products to accommodate various applications of the technology.

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The forearm mounted TacPad will probably be of most interest to our readers as it puts your maps, Gridded Reference Graphics, checklists, and other aide memoires where you can quickly glance at them. Take a look at this brochure provided to us by Level Peaks and you will see that the TacPad features a flap that accommodates pens and covers your sensitive data when you don’t need access to it. However, the cover flap can be secured out of the way and an additional clear pocket can be attached to house an extra page of info or be used to back light a compass.

Tacpad Info

In addition to the white background with its low brightness you see in the video of the chest mounted version, c2rfast can provide panels in Aqua which provides a high brightness that is ideal for back lighting or Red with its exceptionally low glare and is well-suited for aviators. Additional wavelength outputs are available upon special request. During SHOT Show, Level Peaks informed us that c2rfast is also upgrading the switch with a rheostat so that the user can dial in the right amount of luminescence for the situation.

Naturally, with a product like this you have to be certain you are not using a permanent marker on the writing surface. Fortunately, c2rfast places their luminescent material behind clear acetate so it will not be permanently marked if you do make a mistake.

The Chest variant is great for those who prefer an admin-style pouch.

TacPad Chest Datasheet

In addition to the Forearm and Chest mounted versions seen here, the technology is available in a variety of forms. For example, an aircrew model was recently released that mounts to the leg of British flight suit as well as the TacBoard, a large map case-style variant that is great for briefing small units or passing around the cabin of an aircraft during infil.

But don’t think that c2rfast’s good idea bag is limited to just the TacPad. They have also developed a new armor carrier we are hoping the get a look at. We are sure we will see even more from them in the future.

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The entire c2rfast line is available from Level Peaks Associates.

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