More on US Army Anthropometric Survey

Last year we first mentioned the US Army Anthropometric Survey or ANSUR II being conducted by US Army Natick Soldier System Center. The whole point of the survey is to collect key data pertaining to how our Soldiers are built. This will in turn affect patterning and size tariffing for uniforms and other sized equipment. Americans continue to get bigger. Current data comes from information collected in 1988 but was only derived from Active Army Soldiers whereas the information used for sizing dated from WWII when I joined the Army. Recently, the Natick team collected measurements from 750 Soldiers at Indiana’s Camp Atterbury who are some of the 12,000 Soldiers, including 1,000 aviators, to be scanned from FORSCOM, TRADOC, National Guard Bureau, and First Army demobilization sites. Since the Total Force is so key to operations it is vital that their statistical sample is included in the data.

The survey includes 94 measurements of the body as well as three 3-D scans. The scans are of the whole body, the head and face and a foot. In addition for use in developing equipment, the data will also be used to design vehicle and aircraft interiors.

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  1. Souza says:

    Why’d the Army decide to survey this overweight kid.