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Mayflower’s New 24 Hour Assault Pack

We told you Mayflower Research and Consulting has been working on some new kit. This new 24 hour Assault Pack is just one example. Designed to carry a 100 ounce water reservoir, it can be worn as a pack or attached directly to armor via the Velocity Systems Swiftclip. For those of you looking for something a little smaller, Mayflower has a back panel in the works that should have you covered.

Don’t let the black zipper concern you. This is only a prototype. They will be sourcing Coyote zippers for the production versions which will be available in two to three months.



2 Responses to “Mayflower’s New 24 Hour Assault Pack”

  1. Golf1echo says:

    Another practical weight sensible piece from a great company dedicated to relevant gear for our soldiers. Many thanks for what your doing.

  2. Rob says:

    Any shots of the straps? Looks like exactly the sort of thing I’m after, but depends on the shoulder straps.