Army Releases Camo Improvement Solicitation – Updated

The Army has finally released the Camouflage Improvement Effort solicitation. The solicitation closes at 1PM on 31 May 2011. In 45 days potential offerors must submit their design concepts. Following this will be a multi-phase effort to search for a new family of camouflage patterns consisting of woodland, desert, multi-terrain or transitional patterns in addition to a possible fourth pattern for field equipment such as armor and packs. The final decision won’t be made for two years and Soldiers will be stuck in the current ill-suited UCP for that entire time as well as well into a transition period. Based on this course of action, we could see UCP being used for another three to five years despite the availability of more effective patterns.

US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort Solicitation

Notes to industry and those that fancy themselves camouflage barons: The Army is placing a lot of emphasis on technical performance. From the solicitation, “Technical Area is the most important of all the areas; the Technical Area is more important than the Management/Production Readiness Area; the Management/Productin (sic) Readiness Area is significantly more important than the Contract/Cost/Price Area; the Contract/Cost/Price Area is more important than the Past Performance Area; the Past Performance Area is more important than the Small Business Participation Plan. Area I – Technical Factor A is more important than B. Area II – Management Factor A is significantly more important than B, and Factors B and C are of equal importance. To receive consideration for award, a rating of no less than “Acceptable” must be achieved for all areas. Offerors are cautioned that the award may not necessarily be made to the lowest price offered.” You are not going to win this on lowest cost. So make it count.

12 Responses to “Army Releases Camo Improvement Solicitation – Updated”

  1. Doc Dodge says:

    Just go back to OD jungle fatigues.
    You need local camo?
    Slap some local mud on it like us old-timers did and drive on.

  2. Editor says:

    I agree Doc, best uniform we ever had.

  3. RADAR says:

    Hopefully the Air Force is paying attention when the army releases the results of this because it would be nice to have a uniform that actually works somewhere other than cubicle

  4. Administrator says:

    RADAR – The USAF had reps at Industry Day

  5. Nick The Brit says:

    Just let us blend in (isn’t that the real point) – beard and a dish-dash and you’ll be really hard to find!

  6. RADAR says:

    Thanks for the update, hopefully the services will learn from the mistakes of the current uniforms

  7. Stefan says:

    Pick your favorite and Natick and the US Army will go with the least favorite. Bet on it!

  8. Aaron says:

    Dominic Hyde gonna get a shot?

  9. Roggenwolf says:

    @Stefan: If that’s the criterion, then I’m sure to win. Everybody keeps saying that my patterns look like somebody smeared s**t all over themselves.

  10. Strike-Hold says:

    PenCott for the win then. 😉

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