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See NBS7 at Warrior Expo West

New Balance System 7 is an FR turn key environmental clothing. Designed from the outset to work together as a system, NBS7 offers two types of male T-shirts and drawers as well as sports bra and boy short options for the female user. Add to this lightweight and mid-weight long underwear, fleece jacket, wind jacket, and inclement weather shirt and you’ve got some serious layering options. And, unlike any other FR system out there, New Balance has also integrated a Combat Shirt and Pants into the mix. They top it all off with both soft shell and hard shell jacket and trouser options.

New Balance has assembled tried and true fabrics such as Tencate’s Defender M found in both Army and Marine Corps issued FR garments in addition to layering materials from Cocona and Drifire. Sizing options are unmatched from XX-Small – XXXX-Large. NBS7 will be available in UCP, Coyote and MultiCam. Check out the entire system at www.ADSinc.com/NBS7. They have prepared an excellent page detailing all of NBS7’s finer points for each component.

Additionally, NBS7 will be on display at Warrior Expo Westin San Diego, CA May 4 & 5. There’s still time to register. Visit www.adsinc.com/warriorexpo.

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