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Mystery Cinch Giveaway

From the darkest corners of the internet comes….the Mystery Cinch. Now, you can own one even before the Marine Corps integrates it into the still-as-of-yet-sort-of-defined Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment (FILBE) Marine Corps Pack.

It’s so simple it’s almost criminal. The Mystery Cinch routes the pack’s shoulder straps close to the center of of the chest and prevents them from creeping up under the arm. Additionally, pack straps don’t adjust taught like they would during normal wear so when released from the Mystery Cinch they fall right off the arm. Its single motion, quick-release design sheds the pack smoothly. Because the Mystery Cinch uses the armor’s PALS grid it offers the flexibility to accommodate a variety of armor vests, pouch configurations, and pack straps.

We’ve been writing about it for a couple of years now but in case you still don’t know how it works watch the viddy.

Three lucky readers will each receive their very own Mystery Cinch. To enter, all you have to do is post in the comments section of THIS thread on SSD, your favorite tactical pack and if applicable, why. Winners will be chosen at random at 1500 GMT on 5 May 2011 in honor of Cinqo de Mayo (I’ll be in San Diego after all).

Void where prohibited.



64 Responses to “Mystery Cinch Giveaway”

  1. Dave the Brit says:

    Utter kit-whore that I am, current favourite is the 5.11 3-day.
    Perfect for the job in hand, EXCEPT for the fact that the sternum strap keeps falling off!

  2. Mjollnir says:

    Mystery Ranch NICE frame with whatever pack bag fits the situation is my favorite pack. If I had to pick one pack bag as my favorite, I would say the Crewcab, because of it’s versatility.

  3. Stuart Neilson says:

    I quite like the bugout bag although it is a little on the heavy side but goes on aeroplanes as hand luggage.

  4. Dave says:

    Nice idea

  5. Stefan says:

    My favourite is the (no longer available) Arc’Teryx LEAF Charlie pack. I never had a pack that was this comfortable and durable

  6. Carlo says:

    My everyday go to pack is my SORD Day Pack. Its has enough webbing I could attached the pouches I use most often and it’s big enough to store snacks, extra clothes, binos, blow out kit, etc etc. Everything I need for work and back

  7. Five Bucks says:

    All the cross-chest pieces on the packs the army issues me are crap, so this would be a marked improvement.

  8. Ty Stavenau says:

    Mystery Ranch NICE 6500 is my favorite pack handsdown. I travel all over Iraq with it on Helo’s, C-130’s and MRAP’s to train EOD soldiers. I love the fact it is compartmentalized as it helps me keep my stuff organized and efficiently packed.
    I can get all my sleeping stuff out and back into the pack without having to even touch the upper compartment. The Pack Lid makes into a E&E bag if I need it. Super versatile and durable. It gets palletized on C-130’s, Flung into Blackhawk UH-60 helicopters by the crew chiefs and clipped onto the wall of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles. The worst thing that happened to it is I lost half of my sternum strap. My NICE 6500 is Coyote Brown, but when I get back home, I plan on buying a Multicam one too.
    They are the most comfortable pack to carry with body armor or without in my humble opinion. If I was going to travel across Europe or any continent this would be the Pack of choice. I also incorporated a Kifaru E&E bag on the back so I have a quickly detachable laptop case to carry with me.

  9. Nick the Brit says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for my CamelBak Talon – I’ve tried all kinds of other issue and off the shelf packs but always go back to ol’ faithful.

  10. James says:

    I like the Malice II. I have a Malice III but don’t really like the bottom pouch for the sleeping bag, even though it fits the new Marine sleeping system perfectly. All the pouches are nice and the frame too that works well with the OTV. A bunch of other Marines are thinking about buying one.

  11. Armando says:

    My favoritve pack is my BlackHawk STOMP II bag. I carry that bug all the time during missions that required a longer bag and other missions it was inside my vec just in case. Depending on the mission it would weigh anywhere from 20-70 pounds.

  12. Mike D says:

    Diamondback Tacticals SOF Assault Pack has served me will for going on six years now. Can’t recommend it enough.

  13. Josh says:

    My favorite pack is my (gen 1) TAD FAST pack. It’s very faded and a little beat up, but it’s a pretty versatile bag. I use it as my EDC bag and I carry a lot of stuff (too much according to my wife) in it.

  14. Shark says:

    Eagle AIII Pack, Not much too it, simple tough, Reliable.

  15. Todd says:

    I loved my USMC ILBE pack…never let me down through thick and thin.But yeah, shoulder straps did ride up under the armpits with body armor….

  16. PJ says:

    I have to say my favorite pack is the Mystery Ranch SATL ruck. Feels great over the top of my body armor and wont cut off the circulation of my arms when fully loaded like most of the other rucks I have used. As soon as I put the mystery ranch on, no other ruck/pack compares. Also I can stuff a ton of weight into and ruck with ease.

    hooyah mystery ranch. hooyah.

  17. Editor says:

    It’s interesting almost everyone is running day packs. And…not a mention of the venerable ALICE.

  18. 5.11 RUSH-72 or Kifaru NAVIGATOR.

  19. Steve says:

    While I don’t have a favorite pack, I do know of a Navy Corpsman who’s deployed with a Marine Company that would greatly be benefited by one. 🙂

  20. Riceball says:

    I don’t have much experience with tactical packs but I do have a Blackhawk pack, don’t recall the name but it’s kind of like the Cyclone but without the MOLLE webbing and I think it’s been discontinued now too, that works fairly well for me. It’s not that large but it does swallow a lot of gear and it comes with a hydration bladder which means that I can carry junk and water at the same time. Only down side is that it does get heavy fast, especially when I’m carrying water, and I really feel it in my shoulders.

    I wouldn’t mind a new pack but I really don’t use mine enough to justify the expense of a new pack and the BH is still holding up just fine. The occasional hiking/camping trip or conventions is all I use mine for so it’s like I’m likely to wear out my BH anytime soon nor do I need much better, especially at over $100 for most tactical packs. But if I ever feel the need to replace my BH I might just consider a Mystery Ranch pack, I like what I’ve read about them so far.

  21. Adam B says:

    Currently using the Camelbak Transformer quite a bit. It lets me jump from hydration only to adding the small pouch only, or doing small and large pouch. I take exactly what I need with me each time.

  22. Paralus says:

    Is it me or does the Mystery Cinch look like an updated version of a German tornister strap?

  23. sfdefender says:

    Tactical Tailor makes some amazing patrol packs. I own both the 3-day (UCP) and Modular Operator (Multicam). Always quality and durable.

  24. Brian says:

    BFG DAP Pack – perfect size for a day in the city, hold sonly what I need and nothing more.

  25. wyhunter says:

    The Mystery Ranch 3-day Assault pack with their BVS bolsters is the best -it has no peer in the market. Unlike so many of packs that size, it actually can carry a load well. I do have a small Blackhawk pack that I use occasionally and it has worn quite well -as long as their is not much weight in it. It’s basically a bookbag. Careful when you buy a Mystery Ranch pack though, it’s hard to go back to anything else.

  26. charlie steeves says:

    the kifaru navigator! made in USA and durable as all hell!!!

  27. Pat says:

    eberlestock phantom when I have to carry a long gun anywhere.

  28. Michael says:

    I have two MR packs, the Three Day and the SATL. The SATL is an awesome all-purpose ruck, good for overnights, multi-day treks and all-purpose crap hauling. The three day is by far my favorite travel pack, and it’s been all over Europe, the national parks of the southwest, the ski slopes and Hawaii with me. Both great packs.

  29. Vic says:

    MR Dragonslayer, favorite because it is bigger than 3DAP and lighter. Also the trizip makes it easy to load.

  30. Aaron says:

    NICE 6500, own it, love it, this would just help as I don’t have one!

  31. John says:

    I’ve really been enjoying my Grey Ghost Lightweight Assualt Pack and Lightweight 3-Day Pack. The lighter weight cordura (500D if I’m not mistaken) that the packs are constructed of really does make a difference in weight and capacity. There is definitely a noticeable weight reduction in the packs with the lighter cordura without a sacrifice in durability. When packing gear into the packs I feel I can fit a bit more and have a bit more breathing room compared to a 1000D pack. I do wish the packs had a bit more organizational features built into the interior but I understand that would defeat its intended purpose of being “lightweight”.

    I do plan to purchase a Mystery Ranch pack in the future. Only trouble is deciding which one. And more importantly scrounging up enough dinero.


  32. Jason says:

    5.11 COVRT 18……Stealth Death Pack

  33. James Thompson says:

    I love my MR SATL but lately my job has been little single day missions so I have been running a simple but effective TAG Sustainment pack. It’s perfect for my bladder, three more bottles of water, three mags, two frags, a smoke, my -15s and counterweight, and some licky chewies.

  34. Dave says:

    The Mystery Ranch SAT-L with BVS has been THE answer for realistic military loads that are heavy before they are bulky (i.e. ammo, optics, commo vs. clothing and sleep systems). That said the versatile pack that goes with me on 95% of my missions is Eagle’s YOTE.

  35. Chris says:

    5.11 Rush 24. Great urban carry pack that’s organized, roomy and not too “tactical” so it doesn’t garner the attention of the sheeple.

  36. Brian says:

    Diamondback Tactical SOF Assault Pack

  37. Marmatt says:

    Discontinued Arc’teryx LEAF Charlie. It’s a USMC ILBE 3 Day Assault in “Crocodile” as opposed to MARPAT. Slightly more Greyman.

  38. dwelby101 says:

    i like the TAD FAST Pack Litespeed its a great all rounder that allows me to pack all i need into a tight comfortable to carry pack

  39. Rob says:

    I have to say that my Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack with BVS is by far my favorite pack that Ive had.

  40. Platform says:

    Myster Ranch 3-Day Assault…Excellent pack, I get the colors I want, no bright shiny spots or silly colors, just plain and simple…good little solutions all over

  41. Slopes says:

    My favorite has to be the eagle A-III, simple, yet overbuilt and bombproof. Also makes great use of space available.

  42. Debo says:

    My favorite is the Mystery Ranch Spartan…which should have been called the Mystery Ranch Speed Ball because that was my entry into the SSD contest. Spartan is so 2006.

    Spartan is out.

    Speed Ball is in.

  43. straps says:

    Best pack? Kifaru Marauder. Small when I need small, expandable when I need capacity.

    But I’m open to ideas from all over, and a Mystery Cinch may well make the Marauder a better pack for wear over armor in situations where my AWESOME Kifaru AG1 is overkill.

  44. treez says:

    I’d say anything on that Mystery Ranch NICE frame is going to be great -that thing is the BOMB!

    I have an MR 3-day which is a lovely pack and am supposed to get an MR Wolf Alpha off BAMS here soon.

  45. Tactical Assault Gear Jumpable Recon Ruck.

  46. Will says:

    EI yote pack- small light weight great for short trips and the expandable outer pouch is the nuts!

    Mystery Ranch- Wolf Alpha

    It carries climbing stuff very well……. Plus it looks cool 😉

  47. Merlin says:

    I so need one 😀

  48. Paul says:

    My favorite pack of all time is the Kelty MAP 3500. It tightens down super small when I don’t have a lot of gear to haul around and it can expand to carry all mission essential items plus some. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns which allows it to transition from military to civilian very easily.

    A big plus is that Kelty has been making packs for a long time and they know their shit when it comes to weight distribution and comfort.

    Most comfortable pack ever…now all I need is a Mystery Cinch to keep it from digging into my arm pits…

  49. Jud says:

    Lighfighter/ATS Gen I R.A.I.D. It’s been beat around in the US, Asia, and Iraq and still works great.

  50. Dave says:

    Outstanding idea!