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Tactical Tailor Fight Light Preview

Tactical Tailor has been working on an entirely new line of products dubbed the “Fight Light” series. Tactical Tailor took a look at all of the Army’s desired attributes for lighterweight systems and incorporated them into the design of this line. During development their mantra has become, “Weight + Mobility = Soldier Survivability”. In addition to new designs Tactical Tailor has been working with operational forces to ensure that the new gear is ready for the market. Fight Light has undergone some pretty extensive testing with Army SF and based on direct user feedback, modifications have been made to the base designs.

This model is the Battle Belt. It will come in two sizes but each of these can be further adjusted three times in a telescoping fashion to refine the fit. As you can see it features an ergonomic design with a kidney bolster. It has an open channel through the interior of the belt to accept a duty or rigger’s belt. There are also access channels allong the bottom of the Battle Belt to facilitate the use of drop leg holsters or subloads. Additionally, two rows of PALS webbing is available along the exterior of the belt to affix modular pouches. Finally, the Battle Belt is padded but there are no plans to offer an armored version.

The Battle Belt will be available with or without the suspenders that are of a unique design. The obvious inspiration is the TT X-harness available for years as a TT product for use with chest rigs. They have modified it a bit and added a split tail suspension off the rear and single straps down the front. As you can see, it incorporates a drag handle as well as cable management to route comms and power cables as well as hydration tubes.

Fight Light products should start to appear with a hard launch next month in MultiCam and A-TACS.

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6 Responses to “Tactical Tailor Fight Light Preview

  1. Poncho says:

    Is it just me or does no one remember when we used to get issued this gear? It used to be called a LBE/LCE.

  2. Administrator says:

    Yes, but it was never this good.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    WAY better than ALICE LBE!!!

  4. Hammer says:

    Looks like they’re finally catching up on what’s been done for a while…

    Years ago I had a rig set up with the MOLLE belt taken off a ruck with an Eagle duty belt through it, blackhawk suspenders, and all my ammo pouches, med gear, etc on it