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Secure Comms Bag from Supply Captain

Originally developed for an FBI requirement, the Secure Comms Bag from Supply Captain is based on the venerable Claymore bag. Under the front flap that doubles as a map case are 3 double M4/M16 mag pockets. Additionally, one end of the bag contains 2 pistol mag pockets and the other contains a GP pocket. Available in any color so long as it’s Black, it fits an iPad pretty well in the main pocket. The main pocket also features a Velcro panel as well as a section that contains webbing to hold 8 x 12 gauge shotgun rounds. The Secure Comms Bag also comes with a detachable pistol mag pouch and holster as well as a hideaway waiststrap.

To order visit If you are looking for something like this, the price is pretty good.

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