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SureFire Rail Adapter for 1911

Although SureFire’s MR07 Adapter Mount has been around for some time, the M1911’s Centennial has brought a renewed interest in the firearm as well as several new models introduced that retain the original design characteristics. With these models, in order to utilize a weapon light, you need a rail adapter and the MR07 fits the bill

One of the big advantages to the MR07 is that it does not require any permanent changes to the pistol and it can be restored to its original condition at any time. The mount is made from 7000 series aluminum and is low profile enough to fit most GI-style holsters.

The MR07 attaches via a modified slide stop and pin assembly machined from pre-hardened chrome-molybdenum steel. The pin fit is match-grade. The trigger guard locking wedge is energy absorbent polyurethane, avoiding metal-to-metal contact, and can be tightened with a cartridge rim meaning no hex wrench is necessary. Additionally, a spacer shim is provided to accommodate manufacturing variations in the trigger guard thickness. Finally, it features an anti-chafing pad to prevent scoring of the dust cover.


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