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Win a BAC from Arc’teryx!

The flyer says it all. Arc’teryx LEAF is giving away a Baller Ass Cap (BAC) to two lucky SSD readers who participate. To enter, simply post your “name”, a valid email address (for notification of winners) and what new products you would like to see LEAF produce in the comments section of THIS article. It’s that simple. Not only will you be entered into the giveaway but you will also be providing feedback directly to the LEAF development team.

The giveaway will end at 1200 GMT on 16 May 2011. Winners will be randomly chosen from proper entries. Void where prohibited.

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185 Responses to “Win a BAC from Arc’teryx!”

  1. Tatu Leppänen says:

    I’d like to see light, waterproof anorak that packs on small space (like TAD bug-out) but with bird flavor

  2. Y. says:

    Ideally: Talos Pant and Halfshell IN CROCODILE…


  3. Merlin says:

    weatherproof hat/cap

  4. jack says:

    Ventile cotton parka/!

  5. Will S says:

    their rendition of an armor carrier / plate carrier

  6. Stuart Neilson says:

    Lightweight summer gloves in multicam or colours that are compatible with multicam – in particular no black. Knuckle protection. Palm protection. Reinforced on the web of the thumb. round moulded rather than flat so that the material does not ruck up when holding pistol grips, stocks etc.

    You could do worse than militarising motorcycle glove design.

    And on a personal note I have short stubby fingers so don’t make the fingers too long!

  7. CPT P says:

    I would like to see Arc’teryx LEAF create a battle belt. My Climbing harness is comfortable to wear almost all day, even with a full lead rack. Take the X350, take off the leg loops, keep one or two of the gear loops, and add MOLLIE. I think you’d have a winning combination.

  8. Oscar Lam says:

    LEAF sunglasses

  9. Pat says:

    I would like to see additional pockets and functionality added to the soft shell jackets. Specifically a pocket at the forearm able to hold at least a chemlight or a few pens, space for a soft elbow pad. the other thing I would like is a pocket on the back sort of like a bike shirt that could hold a waterbottle, flashlight, or other random sized items that dont really fit in regular pockets.

  10. Gerda says:

    As a girl, I would like to see all kinds of female clothes in multicam. Like beanies, gloves, and even base layers.
    Also compression socks.

  11. Strike-Hold says:

    PenCott camouflage.

  12. Stefan says:

    I’d like to have LEAF’s assault size backpacks back.
    I still own a very early Charlie Pack in crocodile, which is almost indestructible and very comfortable, even when running.

  13. Eric says:

    I would like to see more softshell and outer pant options. Cold weather gloves would be interesting to see.

  14. Edwin says:

    I’d like to see, ultra light weight rain gear. Like so light you can put the jacket in one cargo pocket. Also a throw over your armor smock for those time when getting your armor off isn’t practical.

  15. Andy says:


  16. Stefan says:

    Short/Regular/Long options for clothing.

  17. T Le says:

    LEAF Softshell jacket and Pants

  18. Pbel says:

    A nice, durable cotton/synthetic smock thats not too heavy and can pack relatively small.

    Also, I would be really interested to see an arcteryx take on an armor carrier/battle vest

  19. Mojo says:

    Combat Jacket with a hood!…the belt!…and a dump pouch! Keep up the good work, Dirty Birdies!

  20. Todd G says:

    Lightweight fleece jacket.

  21. Slopes says:

    I want to see a real 3 day pack, available in MC, Coyote, and RG.

  22. Nikolaj says:

    Would very much like to se them do platecarriers and chest-rig

  23. UlfBjorn says:

    Long and short sleeved polo shirts in croc and black.

  24. Richard says:

    Pullover windproof smock

  25. Ben says:

    I’d like to see some comfortable, non-slip suspenders that can mount a hydration bladder for less-casual circumstances.

  26. Jean says:

    I would love to see some watches made by them.

  27. Sean Dillinger says:

    I would live to see Arc’teryx LEAF give us a 2 layer WARM and waterproof combat shirt with padding options in the shoulders and please give it to us in patterns we can use like (Aor1) Desert Marpat or Woodland(M81) so USMC personal can use it in Afghanistan. We are using our plate carrier to carry everything and even my our short term sustainment pack is Molle and is attatched to our vests. The pack is also our hydration. I am using a belt system from LBT that attaches to our LBT vest that puts weight on to our hips but still pads in our combat shirts would be killer and if it were warm so we can fight without a parka on it would be heaven sent. I have always wanted this get your giving away and hope you pick me. Love the Velcro design on the front incase a guy doesn’t want to wear a patch on it!

  28. Matt LaCombe says:

    A nice addition to the Arcteryx family of clothing and equipment would be a series of hard use gloves with a armored knuckle covers, reinforced finger tips.
    Second would be a zip off -convertible low profile pant with relaxed fit.

  29. Joe says:

    Lightweight and breathable scalable armor/plater carrier.

  30. Ben Hammond says:

    I’d liek to see a combat shirt with integrated pads/pad slots like the Talos pants.

  31. D. Knight says:

    I’d like to see a well-vented boonie cap in khaki, black and Multicam.

  32. Fred says:

    Lot of the things that have been already mentioned. A super-lightweight and packable rain coat is high on my “want” list from anybody, and I’m in the market for a good plate carrier that’s got good features and won’t break the bank.

  33. Marko says:

    A battle belt.

  34. Mongo says:

    Big & Tall options on your clothing. Low-Vis or Concealable Armor Carrier

  35. Jeff says:

    You need a good utility vest, like the Eotac Operator Grade Tactical Vest. It doesn’t need to be “tactical” but it should have similar functionality.

  36. BBMN says:

    BOOTS! Every Arc’teryx product sets the standard. I can only imagine the quality of an Arc’teryx boot. That, and/or hiking gaiters.

  37. Matt says:

    I’d like to see a LE Duty friendly jacket made out of the same material as the Atom LT.

  38. Richard says:

    More softshells

  39. Mikey P says:

    Lightweight, packable rain gear. All weather boots. Warm weather gloves with back of the hand padding and really grippy fingertips.

  40. Todd says:

    I’d like to see a slew of casual tactical clothes for those who work in casual/discreet attire. I would especially like a tactical blazer/sport coat with purpose-built pockets (internal), and features that cater to concealed carry. (Patagonia used to make a sport coat…) This would be great for those who work PSD, FAMs, and other lo-vis operators.

  41. Kevin says:

    As much as I’d like to see something like a LEAF plate carrier or whatnot, what I really would use in everyday life would be more casual/discreet dress options.

  42. Benjamin says:

    I would like to see some flashlight and multi tools knife.

  43. J. Miles says:

    Would like to see development of footwear, especially environment specific.

  44. michael says:

    a small, compact messenger style bag as an off duty first responder option would be neat. think like zulu nylon gear with wings.

  45. Robby Henrichs says:

    An EDC/1 Day pack with convertible single/double shoulder strap.

  46. Dave says:

    A pant with more pockets than the current lineup, but which maintains a low profile (that is: no external cargo pockets, etc).

  47. Josh says:

    light rain jacket
    NY/CO pants and shorts
    fleece jackets and vests in light to mid weights
    bring back the MOLLE LEAF bags
    FR base layers

    Please consider thumb holes in some of the jackets designed for layering.

    Please expand the BERRY compliant selection.

    Big fan, love your products!

  48. Scott Ramirez says:

    I’d like to see a CCW line.

  49. Tim Brown says:

    I agree with Scott, I would love to see a CCW line. Especially a short sleeve shirt that doesn’t scream LEO/CCW.

  50. Jonah says:

    -A combat uniform – particularly a combat shirt – made for EXTREMELY hot and humid climates (think tropical) in camouflage patterns more suited to this environment, such as AOR-2 or MARPAT-W. If fire resistance is sacrificed to get the best performing materials for this environment, so be it.

    -I second the tall/long sizing option request.