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Silynx Introduces iPhone Cable

Smart phones are being integrated into tactical communications architectures in a variety of ways. Silynx communications stays in constant contact with their customers and has reacted to this phenomenon by creating interface cables for various devices. This is the iPhone cable which is used to connect an iPhone to the Micro C4OPS System.

Look for more accessories designed to increase the utility and reach of tactical communications from Silynx.

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4 Responses to “Silynx Introduces iPhone Cable”

  1. Poncho says:

    TEA/swat headset makes one for the iphone/blackberry that you can use while running your regular radios as well. Works great when running dual comms and you need to have phone access.

  2. m4shooter says:

    You work for TEA? Sounds from the article that that is exactly what this one does.

  3. Poncho says:

    No, I don’t work for TEA or Silynxcom but I do use a phone cable like the one shown when running dual comms and have found it to be a useful piece of kit.

  4. Administrator says:

    Poncho, thanks for the input.