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BCB Wall Breaker

The Wall Breaker from BCB is a non-explosive, compressed air cannon which fires standard plastic water cooler drums breach walls, gates and doors for rapid quick entry. It can be fired every 10 to 15 seconds. The water jugs can be filled with water, sand, or other materials. Material choices can be made to mitigate collateral damage offering an alternative to explosive entries.

Because the projectile contents are so variable, the exact range (3 to 90 meters/10 to 300 feet), kinetic energy, etc are all dependent upon the state of the projectile contents (i.e. solid, fluid, etc), weight and environment factors. However, BCB was kind enough to provide us with this graph that is based on their trials.

BCB also related to SSD, “The pressure is also a user definable factor and more is not always better, the nature of the projectile and the intended range. It’s process of collating your own data as the targets users attempt to breach are different the world over.”

The Wall Breaker’ uses dive tanks and its high pressure hosing and regulators are safety tested to far beyond the Safe Working Pressure (SWP) of the Wall Breaker. Additionally, a safety blow-off valve is fitted to ensure that the pressure vessel cannot be over pressurized. The Wall Breaker can be set up as a stand alone system or mounted on a vehicle and can also be fired remotely.



9 Responses to “BCB Wall Breaker”

  1. MOE_operator says:

    Interesting concept. Originally designed, developed in the mid 1980’s and by an ex Royal Navy Diver called Reg Clucas of Clucas Method of Entry.

  2. Administrator says:


  3. We were doing this kinda thing ten years ago up in Maryland with pumpkins.

    Maybe it’s the beer, but I’m struggling to see the utilisation of such a device over your average frame charge? 220 Bar cylinder, the canon itself and then the projectile, not forgetting the team of sappers to get the stuff in place..!!!

  4. Jumper says:

    Be good for those areas that are afraid of guns an explosives, as in blue states.

  5. Breacher says:

    So is there any footage of it breaching a properaly constructed wall? I’m pretty sure I could knock a newly constructed single block wall over with a small sledge…

  6. Launcher says:

    The BCB Wall Breaker’s projectile will breach at least a double skin wall, in one hit. A sledge hammer or ram will take many more, if at all.

  7. re:Breacher says:

    Yes, I really like the walls that fall apart just because they hit the ground.

  8. Owlshadow says:

    The system hits the wall w/ 72 ft. tons of KE. I doubt your sledge
    does that. Also, you can be w/in
    6ft. of pt. of entry when set off. Quicker entry. Wouldn’t want to
    be that close to your charge. Great for Meth labs, too.

  9. Stuart Neilson says:

    I rather lost interest when the Black Magic man in a rapist mask wheeled his contraption on to stirring but unnecessarily foreign music.

    It looks far too big to lug up onto a balcony. I won’t be buying one.