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AOR1 in Action

Here’s a photo from January of VADM Robert Harward, commander of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435 wearing a Crye field shirt in AOR1. It is eerily similar to the new NWU Type 2 uniforms are hitting the fleet. Don’t look at that jacket in his hands though, it doesn’t exist.

Photo: SGT John P Sklaney III, U.S. Army

19 Responses to “AOR1 in Action”

  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    Don you mean “It is eerily similar to the new NWU Type 3 [III] uniforms are hitting the fleet.” NWU II is the desert (AOR1) NWU III is the woodland (AOR2).

  2. Jason says:

    nothing like a seal admiral to decorate his tactical uniform with custom patches. who cares about uniform standards? that would be like you were in the military are something. don’t tread on me.

  3. Jason says:


  4. FormerDirtDart says:

    It is the First Navy Jack, it is not a custom patch. It is the official US Naval Jack, an emblem of the US Navy, currently flown on all commissioned vessels (since 31 May 2002)

  5. killslowly says:

    The First Navy Jack is worn by all U.S. Navy personnel in theater. To the point that they also do not wear (sometimes) the reversed U.S. flag, or end up wearing the reversed flag on the wrong side.

  6. Kemp says:

    The stretch knit cuffs on that jacket look very arc’teryx. Atom lt in aor1 print? Or maybe something new..

  7. Kemp says:

    Ah, never mind: other pics from the same series make it out to be some sort of ripstop puffy like wild things makes.

  8. good source says:

    Correct, that is AOR 1 (similar to the NWU Type II). The only difference I can tell is the chest pockets are different. Would need to see a better resolution image to ID other differences.

    Would love to get my hands on the 4-way stretch jacket that does not exist.

  9. Bob says:

    So when will that jacket that doesn’t exist be available for purchase…. 🙂

  10. Brian says:

    Looks like a Beyond Tactical Cold Fusion.

  11. Administrator says:

    Nobody has guessed it yet.

  12. Res says:

    Crye Precision fieldshell?

  13. Administrator says:

    Nope, you guys will never get it. And even if you do, you can’t get it.

  14. Kemp says:

    Probably a newcomer to the market then. Is it a nike product? I’ve suspected them of wanting to move into tactical apparel.

  15. airmandan says:

    desert version of A-TACS?

  16. Res says:

    Last guess… TYR Tactical,

  17. Res says:

    Damn… but that is a new question, who makes the clothing line available at TYR’s website? Wild Things Tactical?