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VF Corp Purchases Timberland for $2.2 Billion

VF Corporation announced the purchase of Timberland Footwear for $2.2 Billion. This is tactically significant because VF currently holds the uniform contract for DHS and could conceivably now offer VF footwear as part of that program. DHS is not required to comply with the Berry amendment.

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2 Responses to “VF Corp Purchases Timberland for $2.2 Billion”

  1. Walter says:

    I am required to order my uniforms through VF solutions, and I can tell you that they all ready offer footwear. They offer mostly Danner, but they do allow us to buy some other brands.

    On a side note, the uniforms they offer are the absolute worst. The materials they use, and the quality of the stiching on the patches is horrible. The polo shirts they sell are worse than what you can buy at a flea market. The “dress” uniforms are garbage. You can get about two to three uses out of them before they noticably fade. The shirt and pants are even made from different materials.

    It’s actually embarrasing to wear their uniforms since they are of such poor quality. Every cop on the street has a uniform that is 10 times more functional and durable, and provides a much cleaner appearence. Yet we are supplied uniforms that cost nearly as much as a quality set, but offer none of the benefits.

    I’m always saddened to see these giant corporations swallow up smaller companies. In the end it’s the consumer that suffers.

  2. Administrator says:

    Walter, thanks for the feedback.