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VF Corp Purchases Timberland for $2.2 Billion

Monday, June 13th, 2011

VF Corporation announced the purchase of Timberland Footwear for $2.2 Billion. This is tactically significant because VF currently holds the uniform contract for DHS and could conceivably now offer VF footwear as part of that program. DHS is not required to comply with the Berry amendment.

Timberland Force Boots

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Timberland Military Boots

This family of boots has been kicking around for at least a year and a half. Consisting of specialized designs for Urban, Jungle, Desert, and Mountain climes, the entire line is offered in a variety of color schemes to match environments as much as personal preference.

They successfully commercialized the Mountain Force boot with US Cav and BQM that Fall and Timberland recently transitioned the remainder of the line from their skunk works to the Pro Force sales team.

The entire line was on display at SHOT Show and we will be introducing the entire line over the next few weeks but the Desert Force Mid Boot in Coyote Brown Camo caught our eye as the most likely for our readers to put to immediate use.

Timberland Desert Force Mid Boot in Coyote Brown Camo
Timberland Desert Force Mid Boot in Coyote Brown Camo.

-Cut-resistant, breathable mesh collars
-ÆGIS Microbe Shield® anti microbial footbed
-Quick-drying pull-out linings
-Fire resistant outsole, midsole, waterproof leather, SmartWool® collar lining
-Meets NFPA 1971, sec. 5-4.5 FR requirement
-Puncture-resistant flexible composite lasting board for underfoot protection
-Blister Guard® by Friction Free® to reduce risk of blisters
-Optional water drainage system (punch holes through if needed)
-Timberland® PreciseFit™ system for custom fit
-Convenient quick-speed lacing system
-Over-the-toe rubber bumper and wrap up outsole
-Low-profile tuned outsole with cantilevered lugs for whole body stability

A network of retailers will be released soon.

SOF Week

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

The SOF Industry Conference in Tampa kicked off today. There is a lot of the usual stuff but I have run across some real gems.

Arc’teryx is offering the popular Kneecaps knee pads in foliage. They also have a very innovative rigger’s belt coming out later this year. The MC softshell is coming along as well.

True North Tactical showed a boonie made from a lightweight die cut nylon that looks to be part of a ghillie kit. It may have additional applications for those who primarily wear a helmet but want a hat to swap to while out in the field. True North’s line is manufactured by London Bridge Trading. There is a story there. Read the new post on True North Tactical to find out the rest of the story.

The folks behind the Timberland Force Multiplier Series tactical boot line are showing several new models. In addition to the mountain boot debuting in both US Cav’s and BQM’s most recent catalogs, they are also offering Jungle, Desert and Urban models in both low and high styles in a variety of colors. I appreciate their sizing system that utilizes modular insoles to accommodate a variety of foot sizes and sock preferences. I tried them on today and the fit was very comfortable. They are selling them to the NSW community as well as Federal LE. Hopefully we will begin to get some feedback from the field on how that sizing scheme is working out. I will be posting more information on each of the models.

DIY Tactical has received some patterned 1″ webbing in UCP, Desert Digital and MC. They have all of their webbing, nylon, and wares on display as well as samples of end products from some of the DIY forum members.

Eagle Industries was displaying a pretty trick assault pack. It features integral PALS in order to attach directly to the back of a vest or removable shoulder straps. It also has a fantastic beaver tail arrangement that is designed to fit a helmet with night vision mount fitted. Lots of features, good pocket arrangement, and quality manufacturing. This one should be a hit.

More to follow.