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Former Bushmaster Owner Launches Windham Weaponry

With the move of the Bushmaster Firearms International LLC production line last December to Remington’s facility in Ilion, New York, the Bushmaster you know today exists in name only. When Remington moved the plant they also laid off all of the Bushmaster workers and hired new employees at the new location. Granted, you can argue the quality of Bushie guns but any institutional knowledge that the brand possessed was lost with that move.

Now, former Bushmaster owner Richard Dyke, along with some investors have launched Windham Weaponry. The new company is setting up shop in the old Bushmaster manufacturing facility in Windham, Maine and hired back about half of Bushmaster’s former employees. They will begin production in July with initial deliveries to commence in September. As Bushmaster specialized in AR style weapons, we anticipate that Windham will as well.

Ironically, the Bushmaster website still claims they are located in Windham, Maine. Not sure if that’s an indication of how little Freedom Group thinks of the brand or if they are purposefully misleading the public.


2 Responses to “Former Bushmaster Owner Launches Windham Weaponry”

  1. Rogue7A says:

    Maybe they’ll maintain some rights to the ACR and we’ll actually see some barrels in 1/7 and different lengths and/or weights.

  2. Strike-Hold! says:

    It would be nice to see them go back to being more innovative than derivative. Does the world really need any more AR-based rifles?