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Magpul Sponsors US “Breslau Adventure Rallye” Team

Magpul has sponsored the first and only US team to ever enter the grueling Breslau Rallye. The Breslau Rallye takes place the 25th of June through the 2nd of July and goes from Breslau, Poland to Dresden, Germany in what is known as the biggest off-road race in Europe.

After four months of building in secret, “Bam Bam”, the Rallye Mog has landed safely via air freight in Europe.

Bam Bam was built by Jay Couch of Couch Off Road Engineering, (the guy responsible for the Magpul MBUS Mog build) and started life as a standard Mercedes Benz 1985 U1700 Unimog. They added a USA Cummings 24 valve turbo diesel as the powerplant. According the Magpul, “The power is turned up so much that the custom intercooler is the size of a small bed!”

Magpul went on the describe the build in even greater detail. “Stock axles were swapped out, exo-cage was added, quadruple bypass reservoir shocks installed, secondary radiator and a full drivetrain pressurization system was added to put light air pressure to the axels, transmission and transfer case. Even the engine starter was pneumatically plumbed to prevent water from entering.”

Good Luck Guys!

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8 Responses to “Magpul Sponsors US “Breslau Adventure Rallye” Team”

  1. X says:

    It needs a hunting platform in the back, a cooler and a grill.

  2. PL says:

    I know it’s a rally but we, Polish, don’t like the German Breslau name. It’s not Breslau anymore but Wroclaw.

  3. wyhunter says:

    Just in case you were wondering if they didn’t have massive markups on their products.

  4. Tomek says:

    I live in the city that’s called “Breslau” in the news.
    Its name is Wroclaw now.

  5. perlhaqr says:


    I used to own a U404 ‘Mog, and I’m a big Mopar fan, so I’m familiar with the Cummins motors, too. I’ve thought of pretty much this exact build before. It’s like you guys read my mind. 😀 I’m totally jealous. Good luck!

  6. Tomek says:

    Probably there might be some misunderstanding here. By “the news” I understood the information here, on the Soldier Systems.
    Anyway, “Breslau” was a German name for the Polish city called now “Wroclaw”. The German name is not widely used now.
    It’s quite suprising to see the old name in the title of this event.

  7. Germany in what is known as the biggest off-road race in Europe.