The Future of QR Codes?

We’ve introduced you to Quick Response (QR) codes in the past. Sure, they’re cool, but pretty generic. That is, until now.

FaceBook user Stevewebstlouis created this variation on a theme for Triple Aught Design. Not only are the colors tacticool but it is customized with special design elements. Best of all, it works. Get your QR code at But, you’ll have to find somebody to customize it.

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One Response to “The Future of QR Codes?”

  1. I personally did not understand the reasoning for the QR code but since Steve web St. Louis made a custom code for my company I have notice that is another marketing tool get potential customers to my website which is always positive. I thank Steve for his skills and not to mention very reasonable pricing.

    Owner/Shop Rat
    Armodillo Concealment, Inc.