Carter Awarded Contract for IOTV

DLA announced earlier this week that Brooklyn, NY-based Carter Enterprises, LLC, was awarded a firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with a maximum $79,973,119 for improved outer tactical vests (IOTV) and IOTV cable assemblies. Using services are Army and Air Force. The date of performance completion is June 27, 2012. The Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, Philadelphia, Pa., is the contracting activity (SPM1C1-11-D-1059).

Carter Enterprises gained notoriety in 2009 when they were awarded contracts for the Marine Corps’ IMTV and Plate Carrier.


11 Responses to “Carter Awarded Contract for IOTV”

  1. John says:

    Why are we still wasting time and money on this piece of shit vest, just like whay are we still doing the same for new ACU contracts?

  2. Administrator says:

    Because, in order to buy something different you have to get an approved requirements document and then develop the solution. The process is just is as important as the product. I know it sounds odd, but the process helps mitigate risk on ALL procurements not just Soldier Systems items.

    These steps were instituted after debacles such as Sergeant York.

  3. FormerSFMedic says:

    The IOTV really is terrible. When will the Army get soldiers modern armor? Probably when it is outdated!

  4. Old Paratrooper says:

    It already is outdated

  5. Strike-Hold! says:

    Why can’t the Army and Marines (and Navy and Air Force) just use the same vest?

  6. Kango says:

    If you guys want to see outdated. Look at the Canadian Forces body armour…

  7. RMCFrank says:

    Amen to that. Although I just can’t see how on earth we used to go to war in the olive frag vests, you know the ones with the big integrated front pockets. That was some vietnam-esque crap.

  8. FormerSFMedic says:

    I guess I should have been more clear. I meant that the Army wouldn’t get its conventional troops modern armor until that armor was old and obsolete. The IOTV is a piece of crap. Why do SF and Rangers get the RBAV and the conventional troops are stuck with the sub-standard. Iam former Army SF, and I have always tried to get big Army to adopt SF gear and training. Unfortunately the big Army still has a huge problem with SF and sees them as a bad influence to their troops. So anything to do with SF is ignored.

  9. Administrator says:

    Not true. The ACH started life as the MICH. Gen III ECWCS is really just PCU with a different name for funding purposes. The M4 with SOPMOD became the Army’s Modular Weapon System. The MBITR and 117 were SOF only for years before Big Green adopted them. You can go on and on.

    The problem is that Army and Marine Corps don’t want to spend what SOCOM is willing to on Armor.

  10. FormerSFMedic says:

    You are absolutely correct in your post. However those items were not adopted until SOF had them for many years. They may not be obsolete, but they have been replaced by newer tech. A substantial amount of the kit that conventional soldiers get (with some exceptions) come from SOF units. I would like to see conventional soldiers get new SOF type gear much quicker, instead of waiting 5, 10,or more years.

  11. Administrator says:

    You and me both but it generally comes down to cost rather than desire.