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Tactical Innovations Engineering

One of the brands that impressed us at the recent “BLADE Show” in Atlanta was Tactical Innovations Engineering. They specialize in Kydex. Sure, there are lots of folks working in Kydex, but TIE has taken it to an art form. Just take a look at their wares.

They offer sheaths for fixed blade knives as well as specialized carriers for folders, pistol magazines, flashlights, and other accessories. Unique designs are had by combining shapes, cut outs, and overlays of different colors. With Kydex, the application is really only limited by the imagination. Additionally, all of their designs can be customized by combining colors so no two sheaths have to be alike. TIE can also engineer an attachment solution to accommodate virtually any style of carry.

TIE has one other surprise up its sleeve. In the photos you can see that on some designs there are additional layers of Kydex material. While they look great, these are also used to lock the item into the sheath.


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One Response to “Tactical Innovations Engineering”

  1. jellydonut says:

    These are fantastic. I see they even have an example for the Leatherman MUT there – hopefully this means I won’t even have to send them mine to have a holster made for it..