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Fire Steel, Blanket Pin, and Awl (in-One)

The Fire Steel, Blanket Pin, and Awl is a multi use product offered by Dave Canterbury of “Dual Survival” fame and Owner of the Pathfinder School, LLC. Inspired by a conversation with Rob Simpson of the Canteen Shop, the concept was combine a blanket pin with a fire steel. In fact, you may have seen this in use on “Dual Survival” when Dave’s partner Cody Lundin wraps himself in a buffalo cape (episode: Frozen Plains).

It is offered in two sizes, naturally referred to as Small and Large. The smaller one can be used as a belt buckle so you can always have it on you. However, it do so it is recommended that you slightly modify it by shortening the pin.

Naturally, it’s primary function is as a fire steel. But, this device allows you to take a wool (or in a pinch other type) blanket and use it as a cloak, clasping it in front. Finally, it can be used as an awl, with the loop of the steel making an excellent handle.

While there’s no catchy name for this product, I’ll call it the “Awl-in-One.”

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  1. ActionSaxon says:

    Dave Canterbury lied about his military service. He claimed to be a Ranger and a sniper.

    Scroll about half way down to: