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There’s a New PM Soldier Weapons in Town

Project Manager (PM) Soldier Weapons conducted a change of charter ceremony on June 28, transitioning responsibility for the Army’s small arms development from COL Douglas Tamilio to COL Scott “Scotty” Armstrong.

“Having been stationed at Picatinny for the last year, I’ve had an opportunity to meet and work with Col. Tamilio and the Soldier Weapons team on various occasions,” said Armstrong in an Army press release. “They are a dedicated and talented group of individuals with a tremendous record of success. I’m looking forward to joining the team to continue the development and fielding of the world’s best weapons that will make a tremendous difference for Soldiers at the tip of the spear.”

The Army has published the following biographic data for COL Armstrong:

Upon his commissioning at Colorado State University in 1989, Armstrong served in a variety of command and staff positions in the Air Defense Artillery branch. In 1997, he was assessed into the Acquisition Corps where he has served on various programs, including the Missile Defense Agency’s Ground Based Interceptor program where he was the Product Manager.

Armstrong holds a Master of Science in management, with a concentration in systems acquisition management, from Naval Postgraduate School. He also attended the Combined Arms Services and Staff School, Command and General Staff College, the advanced program management course, and the U.S. Army Senior Service College Fellowship Program at the University of Texas.

We wish COL Armstrong luck as he takes the reigns of a VERY busy PM shop.

8 Responses to “There’s a New PM Soldier Weapons in Town”

  1. Rick says:

    At the risk of sounding disrespectful, why are we putting someone in charge of “development and fielding” of weapons when, it appears, he hasn’t held one down range or had one jam on him at the worst possible time? After reading the bio, one gets the impression the Col has been parked at a desk sine ’89. I’d rather see an infantry officer who needs a change of scenery fill that spot, personally.

  2. 18A says:

    I concur with Rick’s comment.

    My first question, when reading the release on COL Armstrong, was “where is his demonstrated affinity for and expertise with the so-called Soldier Weapons that he will be in charge of developing and fielding?”

    Extensive experience with the actual use/employment of small arms as a company grade officer beyond STRAC minimums? Personal commitment to competitive small arms marksmanship?

    I fear that this is another symptom of the industrial-era personnel system of the U.S. Army providing the right MOS-coded widget with the right report cards, versus the individual who is the best choice for both the Soldiers and the Taxpayers.

  3. RMCFrank says:

    It’s a senior management position. If she’s a competent administrator who listens to the people who have field experience, her shop is all set.

    • Administrator says:

      “She” is a “He”. The female Soldier in the photo is the new PEO Soldier, BG Camille Nichols.

  4. HorseSoldier says:

    Would be nicer to see a subject matter expert with some understanding and vision of a desired end state running the show rather than someone who’s contribution to the process will be listening to whatever good or bad advise he gets from subordinates, without any way to tell the wheat from the chaff himself.

  5. Administrator says:

    Guys, PMs are those who have proven they can actualize the process. The commodity doesn’t matter.

  6. Strike-Hold! says:

    Agreed. In an ideal scenario you’d get someone who was experienced at the sharp end (but wasn’t blinkered by their personal experience), as well as a top notch project manager and administrator.

    But given the project management, budgetary and administrative processes these people have to oversee – its better to go with someone more qualified in that domain than someone who simply has lots of trigger time – that might make them a good techinical expert for providing project input, but not necessarily project management.

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