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McNett Adds Realtree AP and Realtree Max-4 to Camo Form Lineup

We’ve mentioned McNett Corp’s Camo Form® Protective Camouflage Wrap on several occasions. While it is very popular with the hunting crowd, it also does a great job for those who want to camouflage their military and LE small arms. The addition of Realtree APâ„¢ and Realtree Max-4â„¢ add even more options to the tool box so that you can fine tune your weapon’s or equipment’s camouflage. Remember, Camo Form not only helps conceal your gear, it also protects your weapon’s finish as well as eliminates errant noises by padding parts. It’s self-clinging and easy to apply. What’s more, it isn’t permanent and won’t mar the finish of your kit.


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