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SPECOPS.PL Introduces Branded Zipper Pulls

Polish manufacturer SPECOPS has introduced zipper pulls in Black, Coyote and Olive which will not only blend with most any base color or pattern, but will also help to make the product even more distinct by incorporating their logo.


8 Responses to “SPECOPS.PL Introduces Branded Zipper Pulls”

  1. Pilgrim says:

    Is this what the equipment world has been reduced to…zip pullers with logo’s? I guess, this is the difference between the serious side of the industry and the rest…!

  2. Jesse says:

    Definitely brings new meaning for attention to detail.

  3. Kangur says:

    You are correct, however, when you order 30 000 of those gizmos and the sales guy asks: “Sir, you do realise that we can put your company logo here?” all you can think of is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! 8-D


  4. W says:

    Funny, Every time I broke pulls and use paracord or simmilar cord.

  5. Exploriment says:

    Nifty, but the first thing I do when I get gear is cut off the zipper pulls and replace them with sinnets I braid out of cord,

  6. Big D says:

    Its a good look, but with a price. All these zip sliders are zinc based pot metal….not particularly strong, and pretty soft as metals go. Painting zip sliders involves putting an even softer layer over the pot metal. When you have a zipper split apart after some serious use, its because the slider has worn down enough inside so it no longer presses the zipper coil tightly together when you zip it closed.
    A while (OK, 30some years) ago we noticed that when we used nickel plated zip pulls, the life of the zip was extended by a factor of 6. Why? Because the nickel plated surface is hard enough so it just doesn’t wear, unlike paint and pot metal. Later on we adopted black nickel plating for our military packs, as the shiny nickel sliders we use in the civilian world seemed a little tasteless.
    All these sliders we are talking about have the same base metal. They all cost the same. Each company makes a value judgement as to their priorities. And that, children, is how the Mystery Ranch pack got its black zipper sliders. The End

  7. Joe the tactical plumber says:

    This makes me jump to the sky ouf of joy.

    So awesome!

    Well, not really… there’s no interest at all to this thing. Viva la publicidad!

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