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New Images of Propper’s in TAC.U Combat Shirt A-TACS

The new A-TACS TAC.U Combat Shirt by Propper will be available beginning September.

The design features pocketed shoulders that allow for the addition of extra padding, Velcro on the rear of the collar for nametape, zippered pockets on the sleeves, thumb holes and loop fasteners on the cuffs, pouches on the outside of the elbows for padding, and gusseted underarms. The sleeves are manufactured from a 65/35 poly/cotton “battlerip” ripstop weave, and the body of the shirt has a 60/40 knitted cotton/poly mix. It is currently available for pre-order through several A-TACS retailers and is expected to begin shipping in September.

For more information, visit www.a-tacs.com.

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7 Responses to “New Images of Propper’s in TAC.U Combat Shirt A-TACS”

  1. lionsofengland says:

    how effective is a-tacs in a green environment? is it multi environment a la multicam?

  2. SkadoucheActual says:

    Why are these guys carrying P-Mags in their kit but have an SI mag in their weapon? Either way…A-Tacs is the wave of the future, now let’s see if the US military gets smart and adopts it. If they do…it won’t be for another 5 years…when something else, “possibly” better, is already out.

  3. Opso says:

    Unfortunately, a-tacs fails horribly in both green and high noise environments, since it doesn’t have a lot of disruptive features. Just as multicam is relatively weak at long range concealment, a-tacs is weak at short range concealment. That being said, it’s nice to finally see a manufacturer make a combat shirt with the pattern all over instead of just on the sleeves. Hopefully they’ll do some other patterns the same favor.

  4. Nobody says:

    Nice shirt – shame about the camo pattern. Everytime I see A-TACS, I think “Endor”. I’m surprised George Lucas hasn’t tried to sue DCS… LOL

  5. maresdesign says:

    Is it just me or does A-TACS look like someone just Krylon rattle-canned all their Khaki gear? It also appears to be environment specific rather than multi-environment.

  6. Exiled Canadian says:

    The A-TACS you see in the images is designed for dry/arid environments. Other A-TACS patterns are being developed by Digital Concealment Systems for other environments.

  7. Eatadick says:

    @opso. the garment is propper. it has nothing to do with atacs. atacs is like multicam. so if ur used to sleev only camo garments, you should be lookin at what company makes the garment. it has nothing to do with what licenced camo u buy. Plus atacs is not weak. have u ever used it?