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Diggerworks – Cracking the ‘Nut’

This is officially my favorite Soldier Modernization briefing of ALL time. From the organization named Diggerworks, to the title of the briefing, this is just great. It also gives us some great glimpses into the Australian Defence Force’s fielding of the Enhanced Soldier Combat Ensemble in MultiCam.

Diggerworks is a “virtual organisation comprising agencies involved in soldier combat systems (SCS).” And, it is important to note that, “Diggerworks is not Land 125 rebadged.” This means they aren’t giving the program a spiffy new name but rather adding value by including more stake holders in the discussion.

Their mission is simple –

Diggerworks is to identify options and deliver integrated soldier combat systems solutions in order to enhance the capability of the warfighter

Moreover, they are working on Adaptive Acquisition which is something we’d like to see more of here in the US.

Adaptive Acquisition

– “Buy less more often”
– Enable change to happen quicker
– No longer is everyone to be equipped the same
– The close combatant is to be treated differently

Be sure to check out the entire briefing:

Cracking the Nut

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9 Responses to “Diggerworks – Cracking the ‘Nut’”

  1. Winston says:

    While it is a step sort of in the right direction, Digger works is still the realm of the people who managed to mess up Land 125.
    DMO is deperately trying to recover their image, but unfortunately they still posses some of the problem kids and ingrained phobia of industry.
    Its particularly sad that they have openly tried to rip off several manufacuters IP to produce the TBAS system.

  2. Dev says:

    At least they did the decent thing with the pouches and went straight to SORD for that one.

  3. Tim says:

    “- No longer is everyone to be equipped the same”
    This will make it affordable and force DMO to look at specific needs.

    How is Australia doing in the economic crisis?
    Hope for you guys this won’t be downscaled in the endproduct.

  4. I says:

    At least Col. Blain has been on ops, on the ground, in his previous posting.

  5. wyyhunter says:

    Looks like Mystery Ranch 3-day Assault packs -nice kit!

  6. Aaron says:


    That’s what it looks like to me! Good for Dana and the Ranch.

  7. moo man says:

    Winston is spot on, same engineer and designer from Land 125, the only difference is the just copied some other people work, and not very well in some cases.
    Ask why the Crye pants are wearing out, maybe something to do with the choice of matterial and sewing on the TBAS.

    Adaptive Acquisition? Well if it is not to there plan it arn’t made, no space for industry input.

    Yes it the 3 assault from Mystery Ranch, No there not SORD pouches, but they may look a lot like them, or maybe Eagle.

  8. “Buy less, more often” would be a big change for US defense supply and a step in the right direction

  9. Administrator says:

    Tactical Gearguy,