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Giveaway – Make Ready with Travis Haley: Adaptive Carbine

Panteao Productions has been kind enough to give us a copy of “Make Ready with Travis Haley: Adaptive Carbine” as a giveaway to one of our readers. Travis Haley is well known to SSD readers and currently serves as the President of Haley Strategic Partners.

Winner Selected! Congrats DK!

To win is simple:
-In the comments section of THIS thread on SSD tell us your must have weapon accessory
-Use a valid email address to enter
-Winner will be chosen by random drawing at 1200 GMT on Monday, 1 August, 2001
-Void where prohibited


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157 Responses to “Giveaway – Make Ready with Travis Haley: Adaptive Carbine”

  1. Ryan K says:

    going to have to say an optic whether its my meprolight or acog

  2. ZK says:

    Viking Tactics 2 Point Sling

  3. The Rat says:

    Aimpoint Micro, no question. If I were on a limited budget and could only upgrade piecemeal, it’d be the first thing on a carbine. The difference between irons and red dot is so much more substantial than any other AR upgrade out there.

  4. Stryker says:

    Leupold Mark AR. Nothing better than plinking steel targets with 5.56 at 700 meters with no effort.

  5. Ian Wendt says:

    Magpul MS2 sling.

  6. Dave says:

    Gen4 Grip Force Adapter

  7. Lawrence T. says:

    BAD, AFG2, CTR, VCAS, Aimpoint T1, and Surefire G2L mounted with Vltor QD Scout mount

  8. AV says:

    Aimpoint M68 CCO (of the old school M2 Variety)

  9. Scott Ramirez says:

    SPARC Vortex red dot sight

  10. kvålseth says:

    Fullsize EOTech. Haters gonna hate.

  11. Snazz says:

    Surefire M720V weapon light, with what experience I have with weapon light tactics in low light conditions I’ve always wanted to get a good light…

  12. skol says:

    Good training.

  13. Jimbo says:

    I’m going to go with the guys who say a white light. Only an idiot would enter and clear an Afghan compound without one.

  14. A.J. says:

    Viking tactics sling: It is comfortable and more adjustable than any other sling in my experience. If you want to make accurate shots with sling support then this is the sling for you.

  15. More fully loaded magazines!

  16. Cammie Bottoms says:

    Knowledge (and a good sling)

  17. eeppis says:

    Definetely an aimpoint T1 or H1.

  18. nobbie333 says:

    Ammo and Magazines

  19. Alex says:

    A Surefire weapon light. First thing I always get for my new rifles.

  20. Allen says:

    Sling, good gloves.

  21. Stefan says:

    VTAC 2pt Sling

  22. John says:


  23. Florian says:

    S&S Precision M600 lowpro mount

  24. Johnny says:

    Depends on the weapon

  25. rob says:

    Viking tactics 2 point sling one of best bits of kits on the market

  26. Clay says:

    Surefire ear pro. Without it I would be deaf. my surfire ear pro actually does it’s job, atleast I can still hear. I really cannot say how much I love them. Everybody needs quality ear pro to keep th tactically aware.

  27. Roecar says:

    Aimpoint T-1 mounted mounted on a LT751

  28. Opso says:

    It’s going to have to be a good muzzle break/compensator. They make follow up shots a no-brainer, and keep you sane when you’re firing something like the .338 all day.

  29. George Kyriakos says:

    Surefire HL1 with TangoDown rail adaptor. Great navigation lights that don’t blow your cover and don’t put any weight on the gun

  30. Mike says:

    A good red-dot sight.

  31. Joseph says:


  32. Deepy says:

    High quality supressor (QSM). Supressors offer so many advantages its pointless to make a list.

  33. DANGER CLOSE says:


  34. Fox says:

    Trijicon ACOG scope with Docter Red Dot

  35. André says:

    I’d say that it would be my Specter SOP Sling. It’s a very nice feature to easily carry your weapon system in a comfortable way, doesn’t matter if your on patrol or doing CQB operations.

  36. Kris says:

    The will to use it for its intended purpose.

  37. David says:

    A good Surefire light!!!

  38. stephen says:

    I would have to say, knowledge, or a good light.

  39. James says:

    Magpul Angled Fore-Grip2.

  40. Matt says:

    Mindset. The will and desire to destroy my enemies. All else is supplemental.

  41. Mobious says:

    EOTech / Aimpoint sight booster on some form of FTS mount.

  42. Zach M. says:

    illuminated reticle 1-4

  43. Alex says:

    Back up iron sights, fixed or flip.

  44. Wheezy says:

    A good supply of ammo and the targets to use it on.

  45. Brian says:

    Aimpoint T-1/Larue mount

  46. Greg says:

    Quality ammunition.

  47. Ipkiss says:

    Since Haley is mostly discussing the carbine: the BAD-lever from magpul. Took a while to get rid of old habits and using the new techniques without thinking about it though. After that, operating the M4 is so much simpler.

  48. Kolt says:

    Aimpoint T1 Micro

  49. sfdefender says:

    Surefire Scout Light

  50. dave says:

    cleaning kit…