c2r Adopts A-TACS

A-TACS has snagged their first British licensee and it’s c2r. You may recall we told you about their TacPad technology back in February. c2r has been around for a couple of years and they specialize in innovation. Once the mastered the technology to illuminate maps, charts and aides memoire, they turned their attention to armor carriers.

They developed the c2RMOR by adapting their plate carrier design to incorporate a load distribution system that transfers weight from the shoulders to the hips without compromising the ability of Soldiers to move naturally. The design is configurable via PALS for a variety of applications with additional lightweight cummerbunds available as well. It also features a built-in pouch for three magazines. To eject the inner plates, simply pull the two quick-release tabs on the front plate carrier. In addition to plates it also accepts level III soft armor backers. Finally, their design creates an air gap that allows cool air to circulate.

Development of the c2RMOR LITE followed the original C2RMOR platform as a cleaner, less cluttered design for use in low visibility applications. They kept the design flexibility concept, but left off the PALS webbing found on the the C2RMOR. Instead, the LITE offers a detachable magazine pouch on the front of the vest. Side pockets are integrated into the A-TACS printed elastic to allow for additional magazine storage. The back panel can be easily mated to their hydration pocket which is built around a source 2LPS water carrier.

In addition to a more widespread release c2r has decided to make their kit available in A-TACS.

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