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OTB Tactical Athletic Boot

Coming in under the radar is this new model from New Balance’s OTB Boots. The Tactical Athletic Boot (TAB) is built to AR 670-1 standards but designed for use as a trainer for events such as ruck marches, combatives training, obstacle courses, etc.

The TAB is available in Tan, with or without side zip and steel toe. They can be pre-ordered from AFMO or

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3 Responses to “OTB Tactical Athletic Boot”

  1. Aaron says:

    All the OTB boots are running with the NB logo now…however after killing my desertlites NB needs to take a look at the dual-density insole. It’s utter trash, I believe it is the same insole in almost all of the OTB line. The boot Desertlites by themselves with the addition of a good insole are top notch for almost anything.

    It is my recommendation that if anyone purchases this or any other OTB that they go for the SofSole air orthotic, I had SpenCo full support insoles in my OTBs but I killed those as well.

    New Balance purchased a great line…they just need to rework the insoles and some of the other engineering involved to make them more comfortable.

  2. Anon says:

    OTB Bootistan, perfect hiking boots.

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