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OR – Outdoor Research Rockfall Glove

The new Berry Compliant Rockfall glove takes its name from the operation made famous by the movie, “Restrepo.” It features a convertible gauntlet cuff, pull loop, and Poron foam padded knuckles to dissipate energy. Additionally, deer tan goat skin leather is very supple and enhances dexterity. The glove incorporates a new stretch thread to enhance seam strength and wrapped fingertips. Finally, they are available in three different fabrics to accommodate different performance and price requirements. Look for the Rockfall before the end of the year with a wholesale price of $56.




3 Responses to “OR – Outdoor Research Rockfall Glove”

  1. Zach says:

    errr It was Rock Avalanche not rockfall, but fuck guess its the same thing anyways.

  2. Curious says:

    Are they going to do something for the guys who were actually part of Rock Avalanche? Or are they just going to leverage the name?

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