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Austria SF to Adopt New Patterns

It’s been over two years since we last mentioned that the Austrian Army was looking at new camo patterns. Starting in 2009, they began to investigate new camouflage for their Jagdkommandos. They’ve narrowed the field a bit and their new digital Mehrfarbentarnmuster (multicolor camo print) not only offers visual camouflage but also generates noise in electro-optical surveillance equipment such as night vision gear. In the photo above is the current monochrome uniform with three of the candidate patterns. As you can see, they are a curious combination of pixels and stripes.

According to Austrian Defence Minister Norbert Darabos, they are committed to fielding new camouflage. The final decision on which pattern(s) the Jagdkommandos will receive should be made later this fall with units fully equipped by fall of 2012.


3 Responses to “Austria SF to Adopt New Patterns”

  1. Nobody says:

    So, I guess the memo about the crappiness of UCP didn’t get translated into Alpen-deutsch…. Just look at that version second from the right…

  2. Decent Weasel says:

    Agreed, Nobody!

    I like digital, I really like the tigerstripes to break up the wearer, the camouflage looks quite striking… and yet it doesn’t actually appear to blend in.

    And for goodness’ sake, digitizing is about matching the noise level of the environment. The pixels are just a side effect!

  3. Florian says:

    It blends in pretty well, i’ve seen it in person and it does a pretty good job.
    The one you mentioned Nobody is the greenish version for woodland applications and just looks like ACU on the photo, it is actually a lot darker and more greenish in person.