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OR – Klymit’s Inertia X Frame Recon

After seeing Klymit’s new sleeping pads last year, military personnel called out for a new version specifically for their needs and Klymit listened. They have introduced the new Recon model in Coyote Sand. While you’d probably consider these more for cold weather use, at OR a Klymit rep related to us that troops have been using the Inertia XL in the heat as well. It seems that the air gaps help with the circulation.

Here you can see the new Recon bracketed by the new Inertia X-Lite, a half pad for the ultra-minimalist (6.1 oz!) and the Inertia XL which first caught our eye last year. Additionally, these other currently available models will be offered in Coyote Sand as well, and designated as Recon to differentiate them from the standard models. We are told that Extreme Outfitters has an initial stocking order in for the new X Frame Recon and we hope to update you soon on its availability.

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2 Responses to “OR – Klymit’s Inertia X Frame Recon”

  1. Martin says:

    These things are extremely awesome and very light.

  2. […] Klymit’s new Recon series of sleeping pads we told you about last week are already available for sale from Extreme Outfitters. They are offering a free TAS PT Mat with the purchase of each Coyote Klymit Pad. The XL and Ultralight versions are also available. […]