Streamlight Stinger 2020

Soldier Equipment & Technology – Lucid LLC

First time exhibitor Lucid LLC offered their HD7 Red Dot Sight paired with the industry’s first 2x -5x variable accessory magnifier.

There are two versions of the HD7 RDS available. The commercial model with a zero POI shift between four operator selectable reticles and a military version with a single reticle and capped turrets. Both versions are powered by a single, readily available AAA battery providing 5000 hours of service. The red dot has multiple brightness settings and features an auto brightness sensor and auto shutoff after two hours. It comes with an integral 1913 mount that features thumbscrews. It has been tested for the past three years with numerous civilian and LE shooters. In fact, I have fired a carbine equipped with the HD7 and it was simple to use and maintained zero.


When coupled with a swing out ADM mount, the magnifier can quickly be placed in and out of action based on conditions.



2 Responses to “Soldier Equipment & Technology – Lucid LLC”

  1. Lawrence says:

    I saw this rig for the first time at the event and was very impressed with it. Can’t wait to go get some trigger time with one…

  2. Michael says:

    Oleg Volk has been touting about this red dot for years,and I have thought about getting one for my A2 rifle.

    Also, not related to the product, but who are these “civilian” shooters? For while not one of the special people…aka LEO folks, I am a citizen shooter, not a civilian.

    Sorry, it is a peeve of mine, since words have means. Like the difference between a Progressive and a Liberal. Progressives are bad, Liberals(late 19th century, today’s Libertarians) good.

    Just food for thought.