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TF Checks Out the SureFire MAG5-100 HCM

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Our very own Tactical Fanboy gave the SureFire 100 round MAG 5-100 high-capacity magazine a go during a training course conducted by 914 Consulting at C2 Shooting Center on his birthday. While not a comprehensive test, he shared it with several other students who used it in a variety of rifles by various manufactured with no problems noted.

The SureFire 100-round High-Capacity Magazine is constructed from Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum. It weights 3.3 lbs. (!) fully loaded, and has a length of 12.2 inches, so have fun trying to go prone. It features reliable functioning thanks to mechanical simplicity and high-quality, non-binding springs coated with cadmium for low friction and corrosion resistance. Any weapon that can accept STANAG 4179 compliant magazines can accept one of these. Specifications aside, can a magazine with this high a capacity actually work reliably?

The rifle is a Blackheart International BHI-15 with a Lucid LLC HD7 Red Dot Sight.

My initial analysis: yeah, it can. See, I was at a training class yesterday (more on that later) and I happened to bring a hi-cap mag along. Not for the class, mind you, but because I was at the range and I finally had a chance to test it out. It took a long time to load, and it was heavy [said Captain Obvious], but it seated just fine and I had no feeding failures. I had a few of the other students try it out as well, so it went through multiple AR-15s from many different manufacturers, and still had no issues. I’d have to use it a few more times, and in different weapons, to be completely sure, but as it stands it’s my full belief that SureFire made a great product in this magazine.

Soldier Equipment & Technology – Lucid LLC

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

First time exhibitor Lucid LLC offered their HD7 Red Dot Sight paired with the industry’s first 2x -5x variable accessory magnifier.

There are two versions of the HD7 RDS available. The commercial model with a zero POI shift between four operator selectable reticles and a military version with a single reticle and capped turrets. Both versions are powered by a single, readily available AAA battery providing 5000 hours of service. The red dot has multiple brightness settings and features an auto brightness sensor and auto shutoff after two hours. It comes with an integral 1913 mount that features thumbscrews. It has been tested for the past three years with numerous civilian and LE shooters. In fact, I have fired a carbine equipped with the HD7 and it was simple to use and maintained zero.


When coupled with a swing out ADM mount, the magnifier can quickly be placed in and out of action based on conditions.