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Soldier Equipment & Technology – Maglite XL50

The XL50 from Maglite offers 104 lumens for 8 hours on high setting and 18 on the low setting. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, there three simple modes of operation. One click gives you high power, two clicks lowers the power to 25% and three clicks gives you an emergency strobe. All of this in a package that weighs a scant 3.68 ounces.



One Response to “Soldier Equipment & Technology – Maglite XL50”

  1. MarKm says:

    WOW, Maglite finally steps up to the plate! And copies an old Innova model that was out years ago.

    Still, for them, it’s like Ruger offering a 30 round mag. Major breakaway from their dated and ineffective incandescent line. They will have to tread carefully, after all, they mostly protected their market share by doing nothing technologically innovative other than suing small makers into bankruptcy. Once out of the protected confines of a Boxmart display, they will either perform or be scorned.