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Intelligent Armour Now Official Distributor for Potomac Field Gear in UK

Intelligent Armour Limited is now the official UK Distributor for Potomac Field Gear.

Regarding the move, Intelligent Armour Group CEO Mr Alex Bomberg said “Potomac Field Gear shows great innovation in product design and in research and development of its products, Intelligent Armour and its clients will welcome this innovation”. “What Potomac brings to the table will totally change what soldiers and close protection operatives wear in the field and will reduce blast and burn injuries.” We agree. With the Advanced Combat Shirt, Potomac makes an innovative product that not only addresses flame threats but also incorporates features to mitigate heat-induced injuries.

Intelligent Armour video

They are still in the stages of placing Potomac products on their website, but the gear they already have is all there:


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3 Responses to “Intelligent Armour Now Official Distributor for Potomac Field Gear in UK”

  1. Pilgrim says:

    Hmmm…made from “Natural Flame Retardant Fibres”…last time I checked, Modified Acrylic (MAC) was a synthetic polymer…that has to be blended with other fibres to give the mechanical strength.

    X-STATIC(R) enhances natural moisture exchange..! I acknowledged the X-STATIC trademark…but how does Ag enhance moisture exchange?

    The persons sweat “becomes anti microbial”. A persons sweat, sebum

    “95% of heat is reflected away”…like 95% is conducted toward, just like they say half a page up in the blurb? Does that mean 95% is also sucked away in cold conditions…?

    I sincerely encourage new developments that bring benefits to our service personnel. However, there comes a time when the serious companies and the story tellers are found out. This, I’m afraid is one of those moments.

    Give us the data, the standards and the objective evidence.

    In short…what a load of bollocks!

  2. Pilgrim says:

    WTF…now just watched the video…Now there’s a libel case waiting to happen! So wearing a quote “Under Armor” end quote, competitive garment will get me burned? Has anyone validated this, does UA make such claims?

    In addition, I’ve just learned that there is a spacer material in the chest and sleeves. Now, I’m pretty sure that air is a good insulator, which doesn’t bode well in hot climes. Would also be good to know what the spacer fibrils are made from? Surely not a low melting point polymer that will collapse or compression set?

  3. Alex Bomberg says:

    Pilgrim; thanks for your comments. I do not that you are very negative about this product. Please feel free to contact the admin of Soldier Systems, they can pass on your details to me and I will be very happy to send you a garment to trial/test and you can then, I am sure write a report based on real findings…

    Potomac Field Gear is very proud of the fabric (APF) that they have developed. I am aware that these products are now in use by a number of units world-wide. At Intelligent Armour we are confident that Potomac stands up to its claims. As for the spacer that is used (chest and elbows), it promotes air flow and it a little like the air flow system that we use in our own body armour and supply to six UK Gov. units, including Embassy close protection units, so this spacer material does work.

    As for a law suit/libel case, I’m sure that would be a hell of a lot less painful than having to peel melted and burn Under Armour from my skin!

    If as your user name suggest that you are serving or former Special Air Service, feel free to check with the Regiment, as they should be receiving samples shortly.