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US PALM Desert Tracker Plate Carrier

Recently, we told you that US PALM would be offering their Desert Tracker Plate Carrier in the Italian CB62 camo pattern. But, what we didn’t do is tell you about the Desert Tracker Plate Carrier.

It’s a very interesting concept that was driven 100% by BP Agent Terry’s incident last December in Arizona. The problem is that many federal agents haven’t been wearing enhanced armor due to weight and heat issues. US PALM interviewed a couple of dozen different sworn officers to get their ideas on the subject. Then, they created a poll that their sales guys ran past LE customers.

Based on the information they gathered, US PALM came up with a three component solution. The DT P/C is just one of these components. As you can see from the unique design it offers front and side ballistic coverage as well as ample space for pouches. Not saying that this hasn’t been done before, it’s just that no one else has developed the complimentary pieces to offer full coverage. When coupled with a ballistic blast belt, and a hardened backpack, the agents and officers have, what US PALM refers to as a “highly configurable, on-the-fly mission adaptable, weather neutral solution that actually allows them to perform the multitude of tasks they encounter during even the most rudimentary call outs.” It has been adopted by one Arizona Sheriff’s Office with other agencies evaluating the system this fall.


4 Responses to “US PALM Desert Tracker Plate Carrier”

  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    Good to see the needs of these guys on “The Third Front” getting addressed…

  2. I see what you mean but... says:

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    Do you have any info on the hardened pack and armored belt?

  3. K' says:

    It holds front and side plates without covering over like an IBA. So what’s the big deal? Nothing that isn’t already done elsewhere…it’s like they ran out of ideas and were hoping for a press release anyways.

  4. Administrator says:


    There’s no BACK plate on the carrier. Instead, back coverage is supplied by a new “hardened” pack.