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Inforce WML

Several months ago I started speaking with Inforce about a new LED weapon light concept unlike anything I’d ever seen. Featuring an integrated MIL STD 1913 rail compatible clamp/locking system, the WML also incorporates an ergonomic push button activation switch right into the body of the light. As you can see from this graphic, the WML is adaptable enough to accommodate many shooting styles. This light was designed from the ground up for use with a rail equipped carbine. No extra mounts, No remote switches or cables, No extra lenses.

Powered by a single CR123, the PWL relies on White and IR LEDs. The primary light is White and features selectable Constant and Momentary High, Low and Strobe modes. Additionally, you can configure the PWL to offer either High/Low or Low/High modes. Additionally, there is a Strobe Disable. The secondary light is IR with Constant High and Low modes as well as a Momentary High mode. Additionally, there are two lockout systems to avoid accidental light discharge. First is a safety bail that prevents pushing the activation switch. Second, the head can be rotated to disengage power.

The WML is waterproof to 66 feet and available in Black and Desert Sand.


16 Responses to “Inforce WML”

  1. Ares Armor says:

    Sometimes I wish I never found this website… That thing is bad ass. Do you know how much it is. I looked on their site and it doesn’t look like they are selling it online and no prices were listed. Is there somewhere online to buy it?

    Did a google search through shopping and checked ebay no joy.

    I’ll be giving them a call tomorrow. I want one.

  2. james says:

    ^^ from look of that I’ll give it under a week before Ares has one in their store… They are right up the road from me, I’ll have to go check it out.

  3. Mike says:

    That looks really nice and is very interesting, but a 125 lumen output on high isn’t a very good in my opinion. If they could bump up that output, then they’d really be a contender for me.

  4. INFORCE says:


    Thanks for the comment on the WML. As far as the 125 Lumen output please note that the WML operates off a single 123a and there is always a fine balance between run-time and output. We can give more lumens but, we will sacrifice run-time…and right now run-time is the name of the game.

  5. BirkAK says:

    Thats a very nice product! I really like that it has a very low profile, when mounted on the rifle.

    I would very much like to know the price as well?


  6. FormerSFMedic says:

    I almost got to do an evaluation on one of these awhile back. I wish it would have been worked out, because this light looks very promising. On another note. Mike, 125 lumens really is quite a bit for CQB use or general tactical activities. If you need more than that, then you need a lot more. In other words, if you need to reach out at longer distance then maybe a different light is in order. Not to mention, this light runs on 1 lithium battery! That’s awesome! That means less battery use, less possibility of having battery incompatibility issues and less weight.

  7. Spencer says:

    Seriously? We’ve had the AR-15 pattern for 50 years and we are just now figuring out how to make make a flashlight as simple, sexy and functional? Well done!

  8. INFORCE says:


    Contact me via email (found on our and we can work something out for T&E. Let me know the details as to why you did not get an eval unit.

  9. Kris says:

    I emailed about the price, its under $80.00 for the non IR model. So I will be ordering a tan one as soon as they are available possibly a second one for my work rifle if the IR model is as well priced.

  10. Nesman00 says:

    I have one in black (non IR) if anyone is interested. Still in the box with battery and instruction manuel. Maybe work a trade or something.

  11. Nesman00 says:

    Sorry, MANUAL 🙁

  12. INFORCE says:


    So you get something for free and all we ask is that you eval it-good, bad or indifferent, yet there is no AAR and here you are trying to pawn it on SSD. Maybe you should just send it back to me and stop trying to get additional SWAG.

  13. Nesman00 says:


    Before you start busting my balls, I didn’t receive anything from your company. I acquired it today at a gun show. I had never heard of the item until today. Tried to find some info on it to no avail. Saw some guy’s talking about it here, so decided to offer it up. Other than that, I have no clue what your talking about. Never been on this site until today.

    Just so you know, I’m a Technical Training Specialist and firearm instructor for the United States Army (27 yrs). Trust me, if I wanted a sample of your light I could get one. Anyway, as an IFORCE representitive, I believe you owe me an apology. I like the light by the way and would be happy to provide you with feedback. If you would like to discuss things further, it can be arranged another way other than broadcasting it to the world. I look forward to your response.

  14. INFORCE says:


    You can email me at the following address and we can discuss why I posted as I did.

  15. Nesman00 says:

    No problem.

  16. INFORCE says:


    You, Sir, are a stand up individual. Many thanks for the comms and the clarification.