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18XRAY Combat/Rescue Knife

We recently found out that is a third variant of the popular 18XRAY automatic knife. The Combat/Rescue Knife was designed specifically for medics as well as first responders. Notice the 3-5/8” blade’s blunt tip combined with ultra-fine serrated teeth. The blade is manufactured from 154CM steel with DLC finish paired with T6-6061 aircraft grade aluminum handles that are Type 3 hard coat anodized in Red for high visibility. Once again, it features the limited forever warranty. Finally, like the entire line of 18XRAYs, the Combat/Rescue Knife features Darrel Ralph’s SAS (Slide Auto Safety) system.

NSN: 1095-01-588-6781


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2 Responses to “18XRAY Combat/Rescue Knife”

  1. Ares Armor says:

    Looks pretty sick… I’m putting my Christmas list together for myself and I think this just went on it!

  2. Darrel Ralph says:

    Darrel Ralph
    Daniel A. Rozier

    Dear Mr. Ralph
    Thank you for making a great knife! I am a professional firefighter/paramedic in a busy urban ffire department. I have used a lot of different knives in the course of my career for a lot of different functions, some of which most knives were never designed for. I have broken quite a few and had others just fail while in use.
    A couple of months ago, I was given a Meyerco Darrel Ralph 18-X Ray Automatic Rescue knife. I have seen and used several knives that were “firefighter” knives and found them to be somewhat un-worthy of the title. This was not the case with you knife! I loved the weight and feel. The automatic function was strong and reliable in deployment and locking. It quickly became the envy of the crew at my station. I began carrying it daily and using it regularly.
    Several weeks after placing it in service, I was dispatched to a motorcycle crash. Upon arrival we found a motorcyclist on a sport bike in critical condition. We had to walk quite a way to the scene from our engine and when we began assessing the patient, I noticed that I didn’t have any trauma shears to cut his clothing off. I immediately grabbed your knife and began cutting his jeans off. His injuries were quite extensive and we also needed to remove his protective riding jacket. The jacket is made of Kevlar material with padding added in crucial areas. The sleeves had zip closures at the end of the cuffs that about half way to the elbow. It was not until I started up the sleeve from the cuff that I realized I was going to have to cut through the zipper. I decide to see if I could cut through and the knife went right through the zipper and on up to the elbow with minimal effort. I was able to totally remove that sleeve all the way up to the shoulder with two pulls and expose a severely mangled arm.
    That performance totally sold me on your knife. The other guys in my crew were sold as well. It didn’t damage the blade at all and continues to perform in all uses. It definitely has a great design, functionality and the “cool factor” tops it off. I will continue to carry your knife every shift. You have designed a great knife for firefighters and is deserving of the title of a true “Firefighter’s Knife.”
    Thanks for a Great Product,
    Daniel A. Rozier