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About eight years ago USAF Security Forces worked with Eagle Industries to develop the Defensor Fortis Load Carrying System (DF-LCS). This was the first time that a load carrying system had ever been developed specifically for the Air Force’s largest career field, its security troops. They took lessons learned from other MOLLE-based systems and adapted it to their mission and standard loads. Initially adopted in OD Green since Woodland camo was the standard, the USAF has transitioned to their new Digital Tigerstripe Pattern. Consequently, the AF has switched to DF-LCS in Digital Tiger.

After the ADS garage sale, our friends at Tactical Distributors went in and worked with Tactical Fanboy to identify the best equipment left. Turns out there were a bunch of the Multi Mission Kit components of DF-LCS available. Manufactured by Eagle Industries, the Multi Mission Kit includes the Multi Mission Pack, a three day design with ample storage space, 2 ea vertical sustainment pouches and 2 ea horizontal utility pouches. These pouches are designed to expand the capacity of the MMP and further organize loads.

The MMP itself features internal organization pouches, two antenna / hydration ports, 2 external side compartments, External PALS webbing on pack waist belt, sides, bottom, and front, and a top drag handle. These are Made in USA, genuine Eagle Industries kits.

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    Webmaster can you please explain why opinions from the same people you claim to support was removed ? So you believe censoring a soldier is freedom of speech?

    I’m sure the soldiers here on fob warrior will love to hear this.

  2. William O. B'Livion says:

    “Consequently, the AF has switched to DF-LCS in Digital Tiger. ”

    I think you mean “Subsequently”.


    WTH are you going on about lad? What discount? Huh?

  3. I see what you mean but... says:

    Didnt see what was removed but it sounds like Tim doesn’t understand the concept of freedom of speech. You can go outside and say anything you want, but this is a commercial enterprise. Someone owns it and they can decide what is said on their website. you might be too young to remember the Dixie Chicks. They thought it was ok to bash President Bush. That it was their Freedom of Speech. Then they got all upset when no one wanted to buy their records anymore. Just you want to say it doesn’t mean others have to hear it.

    So what the hell did you say? You hate the Air Force or something?

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