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Source One Distributors Launches New Company

Source One Distributors, Inc., announced that it has spun off its Source One Tactical division into a new and separate company, Source One Tactical, Inc. (SOT). It is Source One’s intent to provide a seamless transition of the operations of the division into its own separate entity.

Source One Tactical, Inc. will focus its effort towards developing product designs for the Military and Law enforcement communities that address essential mission critical needs and solve unique problems in an innovative fashion. Another key strategy for Source One Tactical will be consistent investments into research and development initiatives and cultivating a line of products and services that improve the overall safety, precision, speed and quality of Military and Law enforcement operations. SOT will also manufacture a variety of end items with a primary focus on Military and Law enforcement products, as well as some products that will carry-over into the commercial outdoor sportsman markets.

In a statement regarding the evolution of Source One Tactical, Inc., E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year and Source One President & CEO, Mark Llano said:

“The growth of Source One Tactical over the past few years has been a direct result of everyone on the Source One Distributors Team being 100% ‘Committed to the Mission….®’ of supporting our troops. By listening to professionals in the field, working with the best in class strategic partners, and utilizing cutting edge technology we were able to grow the Source One Tactical division into a brand that has come to represent quality, innovation and durability to our customers. This move is a step forward that will allow the SOT line to expand and continue to provide state-of-the-art, mission critical products and services to help assist today’s war fighter and law enforcement professional keep America safe and secure.”

Source One has developed several products over the years so this is a great move for them. Furthermore, we know they’ve added some great folks to the team and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

For more information regarding Source One Tactical, contact: jhenkemeyer@sourceonetactical.com or visit www.sourceonetactical.com.

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2 Responses to “Source One Distributors Launches New Company”

  1. Skud says:

    Interesting…generally once a distributor starts to manufacturer they are putting themselves in direct competition with their own manufacturing clients. How will SOD remain ubiased when SOT creates or invests in competing products?

  2. Kevin says:

    I agree. Everyone already knows about Source and BDS. So they will now channelize all soft goods through their own cut and sew. I can only imagine what Llano will charge to help develop a new product. I think he is old Wall street guy. Probably 75%. He will use his sponsored awards to manipulate the products into commercialization. I feel this to be a major bootstrapping company to try and get the best bang for the buck.