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Corps Strength – Run For Your Life

It was just another day in Iraq, after a few months everyday seems the same. Truly a Ground hog” day. I was walking back from the Tac Center to my hootch when I heard that loud whistling overhead roar that’s either a low flying jet or incoming round (we didn’t do out bound from Al-Asad). Before I could actually figure it out, I felt the ground shudder and then heard the familiar dull thud of an Iraqi rocket landing about 1/4 mile to my left. Right after that, another overhead “Whoose” and another thud, only this time closer and to my front. I didn’t wait for the third (which came a few seconds later) I was hauling ass for the building. It may be the fastest 100 yards I ever ran on my life. I don’t think my feet actually touched the ground. LOL. Luckily no one was hurt from that barrage, the rockets mostly landed in a nearby helo parking area. The point of this lame “war story” is that sometimes you just have to run to save your ass. I only had to run a little way in that case but the fact is as a member of the military, those in law enforcement or firefighting, your very survival could easily be determined by how fast, or how far you can run. In my opinion, running is the single best fitness exercise there is. I also don’t think there is a better way to burn calories to help keep your weight in check. Plus, you can do it almost anywhere. In my book Corps Strength I outline how to include running in an effective overall fitness plan. I know many people don’t like to run, and some will tell you that running is bad for you. Well I have been running almost daily for over 30 years and while I sometimes feel every minute of my 51 years I have no physical problems from it, and I will continue to do so until that big rocket finally catches up with me. Until then I’ll keep going and I highly suggest you do the same.

Semper Fi


4 Responses to “Corps Strength – Run For Your Life”

  1. Greg says:

    Sometimes you just need to lie down and not be running around. Rocket fragments travel up and out from the impact. It doesn’t matter how fast you can run; rocket fragments will always be faster.

  2. J says:

    hmmm….. Stories of Rockets, Al Asad, and Running for Cover… Perhaps this video is an appropriate response to such a tale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hqv5yBaXaI

  3. MEF says:

    What do you recommend for someone slightly overweight and trying to improve their running but getting knee injuries in the process?