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Maybe Hornady’s New Zombie Ammo Isn’t Enough

Tactical Fanboy has posted an interesting find; the Hornaday Zombie Ammo video. Considering how many rounds the “hero” had to put into those Zombies to take them down and the fact that he isn’t in the end of the video tells us that that ammo may need some work. Or…maybe it’s just the shooter and his gun.

Here is TF himself wielding the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw Shotgun.

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5 Responses to “Maybe Hornady’s New Zombie Ammo Isn’t Enough”

  1. mega douche says:

    i know its a gimmik but i honestly don’t get this whole zombie thing. the way people comment on youtube it would seem they actually believe one day they’ll be fighting off the undead. it would seem the fear of defending america against commie’s has given way to the threat of zombies. are people really this tragic?! if they want to pop off some rounds at moving targets maybe they should have thought about joining the forces and not spent their days playing world of warcraft or whatever the fuck they do

  2. .308 says:

    The whole zombie interest can easily be explained… people would love the opportunity to actually shoot other people, if they could.. so taking it a step further.. all of these super cool folks who play airsoft, paintball and shoot at bleeding zombie targets… need something to dream about! Outside of upgrading their wolf airsoft plastic PEQ 15/A to a REAL ONE!

    If your not MIL/LE…and your not in the industry… how can you be a fan? how can you be a fan of tactical things? VERY confusing… I need to go polish my HIGH SPEED LOW DRAG gear for Air Soft now..

  3. Mobious says:

    Felt like it was going to be “standard ammo just won’t cut it..” but no, looks like any ammo will kill a Zomb with a headshot. And love how his finger’s always on that trigger for the handgun. Yeah, only the undead are around, but it doesn’t ever make it right to roll all over the place with a poor trigger finger, great advertisement~

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    I personally am very tired of the whole zombie “thing”. It’s getting as old as every other company out there having a skull and crossed bones for their logo . . .

  5. Doug says:

    Look, yeah, the zombie thing seems overplayed…but it’s an easy, “neutral” enamy you can always use. The “Krauts” and “Japs” our grandfathers fought are our friends now, and so we can’t go around using them. The commies aren’t a realistic threat anymore, so that’s out. Zombies are always acceptable as face-shooting targets.