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New Products from TYR Tactical

We just found out earlier today about a couple of new products from TYR Tactical. This photo shows both of them, being used in concert with one another.

The first item is the VTAC/ TYR Brokos Belt w/ T33 Soft Armor. Designed by VTAC it is natural progression of the padded Brokos Belt. TYR has replaced the padding with soft armor for those that need it. Contact TYR for exact ballistics data. It is designed to serve as an overbelt so you have to thread a gun belt through the pad. Here, TYR has paired it with a belt of their own design.

The PV Tactical Base Belt with Cobra Buckle is built using one continuous piece of PV folded three times. According to TYR Tactical, this gives it an estimated 1200 lbs of tensile strength per square inch along the belt’s surface. Additionally, it incorporates a soft loop for tie-ins. It is important for us to note that this belt has not received any life support certifications yet.

Both belts are sized so make sure you order the right size. Colors are subject to availability,

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4 Responses to “New Products from TYR Tactical”

  1. Adam says:

    What’s the story behind the red & black stripe beside the Cobra buckle?

  2. Will says:

    Could the stripe a similar safety system on climbing harness.

    Once the a certain colour shows it is no longer serviceable.

  3. Jason says:

    The red webbing is an additional pc of 1/2″ webbing, type 5625 going thru the hard point which is 4″ tubular mil spec webbing. They are both attached with bar-tacks and WW stitches thru 6 plies (3 plies folded thru the cobra buckle).

    PV which stands for Pluma Vires is 500d and 200d Kevlar bonded together which is rated at 600+ lbs per sq inch. This is obviously multiplies 3 times due to folding one continuous pc of PV.

  4. Adam says:

    Thanks for the background info there devildog. Belt looks nice. Keep up the good work. Just picked up a Happy Mag pouch off of a guy on LF. Really like it so far. Shorter than my Eagle FB that it is replacing.