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Kolbeson Leatherworks

Kolbeson Leatherworks is a one-man custom leather and Kydex operation in the great stat of Texas. He makes hand-stitched, hand-crafted carry gear for demanding users one piece at a time, literally in his garage. Some SSD readers may have already heard of him and a few discriminating shooters might already be using his kit. This is one of his most recent pieces, a quad mag pouch (he describes it as the “ever elusive single stack 4-pack). It’s adjustable for a .5”, .75” or 1” front or rear offset and it has a separate front and rear tension adjustment. It also features an extra set of loops so it can be separated and used as two separate double mag carriers if you’d prefer that.

You can check out Josh Kolbeson’s custom work at or on Facebook at

Make sure you mention SSD, and tell him if you’re military or LE.

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3 Responses to “Kolbeson Leatherworks”

  1. JP says:

    If I need that many mags for a pistol, something’s wrong from the beginning.

  2. J. Kolbeson says:

    thanks for the writeup!

    @JP…. for the LEO and military folks that use quad-carriers, it was designed with them in mind, they hope they’re never in a situation where they need that many mags either….

  3. D Reeder says:

    If you’re carrying a quad mag pouch for the 1911, you’ve still only got about as much ammunition as someone carrying a Glock 17 or 22, or similar semi-auto. I know several officers who carry double mag pouches with a single on the side for their .45s. My guess is they’ll love this thing. So to dismiss it out of hand like that seems a little too casual. I certainly hope I’ll never need that many mags, but I’d rather have them in the of event that I do.