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Raven Concealment Systems ModuLoader

Raven Concealment Systems has teamed up with Ares Gear to produce the ModuLoader which carries five 12 or 20 ga shells. It’s a two-part system, consisting of the ModuLoader platform (which mounts quickly and securely to your belt) and the tear-away load carriage module (which allows the user to rapidly replenish or reconfigure the platform to perform multiple functions). In addition, the entire system remains extremely concealable and comfortable by conforming to the body shape of the user. The ModuLoader platform is 7.5″ long and weighs just under 2 ounces.


Available in a variety of colors and comes with an unconditional guarantee. Made in USA!


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4 Responses to “Raven Concealment Systems ModuLoader”

  1. kevin says:

    Isn’t Vang-comp already doing this?

  2. bob says:

    And Esstac……

  3. Jake says:

    S&J Hardware does this better and cheaper.

  4. Based on the comments so far, I believe there might be some confusion as to what exactly the product is we are debuting.

    The concept of a hook-and-loop backed elastic shell carrier has been around since at least the early 1990’s. As has already been mentioned, numerous other manufacturers make similar products in various configurations. If all we were launching was a re-hash of that concept, the questions of “isn’t xyz company already doing this?” would be understandable. But the Ares Gear shotgun shell module is only one half of the complete ModuLoader system, and the product should be examined as a whole rather than just focusing on one part of it.

    The ModuLoader was developed to provide a concealable way to carry multiple types of payload on a belt using different load modules. The Ares Gear module is only the first of a dozen or so different modules that have been designed to mount on our platform – there will soon be options for carrying rifle or pistol magazines, flashlights, multitools, etc. The ModuLoader is quick and easy to mount to a belt (without having to be threaded on), rapidly reconfigurable and/or replenishable via load modules, while remaining comfortable and concealable on the belt-line.

    The Ares Gear module is not intended to compete with the other shotgun shell carrier products mentioned in the comments, as those other brands were created for a more overt tactical- or competition-type application. Vang-Comp, Esstac, and S&J Hardware are companies with excellent reputations, and I have no doubt they make quality shell carriers; theirs are simply made to fulfill a different need. Statements to the effect of “xyz company does this better…” are not justified, as these other companies do not even make a comparable type of product.

    The module that Ares Gear manufactures comes in compact 2-shot and 5-shot configurations, rather than the larger and more common 6- 8- and 9-shot configurations that other manufacturers offer. The back of the Ares Gear module has high-vis orange to aid in recovery of the module in case it was discarded during a reload. Also, it was specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the ModuLoader platform.

    There are additional product images on our website. I would encourage everyone to check those out. Anyone with questions on the ModuLoader can email us at: gearinfo@ravenconcealment.com.