Team Wendy EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System

Team Wendy has introduced their new EPIC Combat Helmet Liner System. It incorporates three main pads (front, rear and crown) for impact protection, an assortment of new ergonomically designed comfort pads and patent-pending Air Channeling technology to keep you cooler. EPIC Air is offered in two styles to fit standard cut as well as high cut helmets. It is compatible with all styles of communications headsets and offered in two sizes.

Don’t forget, the Team Wendy ZAP pads remain the only authorized helmet pads for DoD use. Even though the new EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System exceeds standards set forth in blunt impact protection requirements of the Advanced Combat Helmet (AR/PD 10-02) it is not authorized for use.


2 Responses to “Team Wendy EPIC Air Combat Helmet Liner System”

  1. Patrick Henry says:

    These pads or not authorized for use by the u s military. They have a ton of extra long as they aren’t worth the fabric they are made with. Do not buy these as you will be in trouble when you put them in the helmet due to the fact they will not stop a blunt impact to the requirements.

  2. Patrick, to address your concerns:
    At Team Wendy, as sole manufacturer of helmet pads authorized for DoD use, we understand the importance of using authorized equipment. We always acknowledge whether a product has completed the appropriate first article testing called out in the helmet purchase description, this is why it is clearly stated above that EPIC Air™ is not currently authorized. However, we still put all of our helmet pad products, including EPIC Air™, through rigorous testing to confirm they meet and exceed the blunt impact requirements of the ACH, LWH, and ECH specifications. We believe EPIC Air™ is the best option among aftermarket pad systems (many of which do not provide adequate protection) for helmets that do not require the first article authorization. In reference to the size and fabric, I’m not sure what the concern is, but ensure you we have extensively researched helmet size and fit, and we manufacture 100% in the USA using Berry Amendment compliant fabrics. Please contact us at with any other questions.