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While some of you might not believe it, for the most part we let a lot of stuff fly. However, we do police up obvious shills or those who complain about something with a simple, “This Sucks” without any amplifying information. Otherwise, we let commentors have their say.

Some feel that it is their “right” to post any old thing that comes to mind. If you want rights, go join OWS. This is SSD. If you say something we find particularly silly we will happily point it out to you. Don’t get offended that we point out that you are a toolbag. Which is getting to the real point of this post.

Unlike many other websites, we have made a decision to not discuss certain topics. Generally, these have to do with sensitive warfighting capabilities. Consequently, sometimes we post about gear out of context. For example, we don’t say, this was developed for unit X. Oftentimes, this results in folks commenting about things that they have ZERO understanding of. They don’t ask questions. Instead, they criticize that which they don’t understand. If you see something, and don’t understand it, ask about it. We’ll work to get you an answer.

Next, SSD will publish articles about counterfeit products. However, we will NEVER tell you where to go purchase them. Those parts are dangerous and the thieves steal from legitimate companies. If you want toys, go buy them. However, they have no place in the field so don’t help dirtbags make money off of counterfeits.

And finally, please comment. We enjoy a good debate or a new point of view. All we ask is that you actually read the article you are commenting on and be civil to one another. Don’t say anything on here that you wouldn’t say to a man’s face.

6 Responses to “Comments”

  1. JBGleason says:

    Well said! No other comment needed.

  2. Barchack says:

    thank you for covering counterfeit products. Too many scumbag companies use lead times from the real-deal manufacturers as an excuse to peddle their crappy knock offs.
    Small, high quality companies like Raven Concealment and Ares Gear fall victim to this specifically because of their small batches of quality product.
    Add knockoff tourniquets, that are ending up in the hands of warfighters instead of just airsofters, and you have a topic that is near and deal to me. Thanks for covering this.

  3. D Reeder says:

    Well said. Too many people bump their damn gums electronically that would NEVER have the stones to do so in person, frequently about things they know zero about. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read here after all. Ignorance shows. The less someone knows, the louder they want to talk about it.

  4. mike says:

    I love your site and the work you do for us out there. I’m glad that we have the chance to have discussions based on your articles; let’s hope that going forward people use that chance instead of simply whining.

  5. mcs says:

    Er, I haven’t been able to comment on anything here for some time now.
    If this one goes through, I’m sorry if I’ve said anything like what’s mentioned above.

  6. Administrator says:

    So long as you whine with purpose, it’s ok. Just don’t surprised if someone tells you you are whining.